Monday, June 6, 2011

top ten week

I love getting new ideas from other bloggers, you know, the really experienced ones with 100+ followers :)
I got the idea for a 'top ten week' from Annies Blog; read my post real quick because the minute you click that link you'll be stuck on her blog for hours! She's such an inspiration, and a wonderful writer!

Monday: life.

top ten things in my purse-
1. cell phone. no explanation needed.
2. wallet. life costs money.
3. a pen. needed at the bank, store to mark off what you bought, etc.
4. lip chap. yes I call it lip chap. don't judge. one of those things you said as a child...and I've never corrected myself.
5. sunglasses. how do people walk outside in Florida without them?
6. lip gloss. totally different than lip chap; my favorite: ultra mentha lip shine from Bath and Body works
(go get some now)
7. key. house key, car key, mail key, key for the pool.
8. a list. who knows what might be on that list, but there is always one in there.
9. gum. because coffee breath is not cute, ever.
10. a bible verse. I've taken Beth Moores challenge to learn a new verse every 1st and 15th of the month, it's always on a sticky note.

top ten things to make me smile-
1. Reagan. you've all seen the pictures.
2. the beach. is there anything any more relaxing?
3. new blogs. inspiration moves me.
4. target. is it the clothes? or the red? or the fact that my target always has bathing suits for sale?
5. the sunshine. it's been scientifically proven, happy people love the sun.
6. family. crazy or not.
7. the hubby. that one was easy.
8. beautiful pictures. especially those from my wedding.
9. daffy dog.
10. my little sister. I wasn't sure God could make someone as funny as me, but the girl is a trip.

what's in your purse? what makes you happy? I hope you found my list to be helpful, or just rammbles, either way; thanks for reading!

have a great Monday!


annie said...

aw, thanks, megan! i hope you have tons of fun with top ten week. as far as what's in my purse... there's always a list or two, receipts we don't need, two or three pens, chapstick, my planner, my birthdays calendar, and at least two books i'm currently reading. basically, my life, lol. :)

Annie said...

i loved annie's top ten week! and i love that you're doing one, too. i'm pretty sure i'm going to do one of my own soon!

vintch said...

such a fun idea! i keep burt's bees in my purse at all times, along with a vibrant magenta lipstick. lip goodies always find their way to my bag! i also sticks books and snacks in's pretty large:) have a beautiful day!

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

love this idea! :) the beach and sunshine make me smile as well....i only wish we lived closer to one :)

have a great week!

Megan Elizabeth said...

Annie: it sounds like you carry around a small piece of luggage :)
Annie: do it for sure! I don't have let's made up, I'm just kinda going with it haha
Vintch: burts bees. Done deal. The best!
Arielle: yes, being 5 min away is a blessing! Sunshine is always the best

Be blessed girls!!

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