Tuesday, June 7, 2011

top ten: tuesday

Tuesday: music.

summer for me can always be remembered by what music I listened too. everything from road trips, to the beach, to just getting lunch all have theme songs for me. so here are my lists of summer favorites! enjoy!

top ten songs to make my summer awesome-
1. three little birds: bob marley. i could just do all 10 bob songs, but i'll put in some variety.
2. dancing in the moonlight: toploader. easily one of my favorite songs. ever.
3. always be my baby: mariah carey. best when turned up too loud and the windows rolled down.
4. water: brad paisley. just jump in the water.
5. forever: chris brown. first song played at my wedding.
6. send me on my way: rusted roots. the song from matilda.
7. carry this picture for luck: dashboard confessional. because a good whinny band is great sometimes!
8. you and me: dave matthews band. i'll see them in concert one day.
9. o praise Him: david crowder band. on the beach, looking at the waves. done deal.
10. you and i both: jason mraz. love him.

top ten country songs to enjoy summer with-
1. ticks: brad paisley. my sisters and i see him every summer.
2. fearless: taylor swift.
3. change: taylor swift. yet again, the whole list can be taylor but variety is good.
4. American honey: lady antebellum. i'll see them soon too.
5. no shoes, no shirt, no problem: kenny chesney. too cute.
6. quitter: carrie underwood. she's married, i'm married...we have a lot in common.
7. you lie: the band perry. love them!
8. chicken fried: zac brown band. my hillbilly coming out with this one.
9. mean: taylor swift. do you get that i love her?
10. forever and ever amen: randy travis. fell in love with him at a young age.

so there you have it. in case you needed any new ideas for summer music...I hope I've helped you out...unless you hate country music, then I'm of no help.

have a great Tuesday!


alaw said...

I love Taylor Swift!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to listen to the music you've listed!

SavedthruLove said...

I love sooo many of these songs already.
American Honey is perfect!
Taylor does a great job on MEAN and Fearless
David Crowder Band "OH PRAISE HIM" really hits the spot on any blessed day :)
Bob Marley... well his name is Bob.
Dancing in the Moonlight is classic!!!

And I'm done but yeah. Great little list you got chica... be blessed!!



Emily said...

love these :) summer songs are great!!

Megan Elizabeth said...

so glad tp hear you girls enjoy country music! :)

vintch said...

love, love "forever and ever amen." actually, i pretty much love all these tunes! yay for old school mariah!

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