Wednesday, June 8, 2011

top ten: wednesday, and a laughing baby.

hello beautiful ladies.
so before I begin on my top ten for wednesday, I really need to fill you in on how my week is playing out. I have come to the point where that saying 'when it rains, it pours' has been the tag line of my week...BUT the good news is that I am now laughing at it.
Ok wonderful niece...she's teething, so she gets kinda fussy at times, but has also become quite clingy at times. which is awesome because of course I want the worlds cutest baby in my arms at all times; however it brings on mass amounts of pain to my arms (and legs from bending down with her in my arms) that while at work I can no longer carry the normal 3 plates I've moved down to 2 the past two days in such pain.
Moving right along.
Sonny and I have been juggling getting to work, babysit, and tennis (him not me) with only one car for a week. it's been a blast.
Yesterday at work...I went to go pull my book out of my apron and out popped my iPhone.

yep. shattered it. and now it looks like a cob web. also if I text you and things don't make's because I can't see some of the text.

and then today...the icing on my cake.
I took Reagan out to lunch for the first time, and all went well, except on the way over, she apparently chewed a hole in my water bottle that I had given her to play with. and when I picked her up she was soaking went. the only clothing store around was goodwill, so in we went to find a pretty new pair of purple paints.
I left the house this morning to babysit with all my work attire because I go right from Reagan to work. as I was getting ready to walk out of my sisters house I put my shoes on to find that I not only had 2 different shoes...but I had grabbed two left footed shoes.
I have 15 mins to get to work.
it takes exactly 15 mins from my sisters, to get to work.

I honestly thought about just wearing them and calling it a night, but that wonderful hubby of mine highly advised it would be the worst idea ever.

every body now:

Ok ok ok, haha. It's funny, two left shoes, broken phone. Laughing is a good sign I hear :)

Wednesday: websites

top ten favorite websites-
1. facebook. no explanation needed.
2. espn. I'm a sports nut. except for bball right now. go mavs.
3. blogger. yet again.
4. twitter. I've just recently started to love this site. quotes are my fav.
5. usa today. especially on the ipad, the 'pictures of the day' are incredible!
6. netflix. movies streaming right on my computer, yes please.
7. faith blogs. so much inspiration!
8. proverbs 31. because we women need to stick together! :)
9. (in)courage. so much to share, learn, read, and be inspired by!
10. girls gone wise. a beautiful friend just sent me the link to this site today and I am already loving it!

top ten favorite blogs-
1. psalm 139. by emily.
2. faithful always. by sydney.
3. turning pages. by annie.
4. from here to eternity. by jhen.
5. the living prof ministries blog. by beth moore.
6. a beautiful journey. by arielle.
7. season to sing. by lauren.
8. the blair affairs. by jennifer.
9. a holy experience. by ann.
10. wonderfully made. by a bunch of awesome women.
{all links for these great blogs, and so many more, can be found in the tab at the top of the page!}
and to the lovely ladies of these blogs: thanks. and if you're ever in Satellite beach you can count on a coffee date with me :)

we're making breakfast for dinner tonight. I'm hoping your week is going as well as mine! but really, all jokes aside, there's still so many blessings in the mess. God is still so great, even with two left feet!


A girl with a smile said...

<3 aww!

Emily said...

i love you :)

i am sitting here smiling just thinking about how cool you are, Megs!

Praying for you today!!

Kristen said...

When it rains it pours! Sometimes laughing is the only thing to do! :-)

annie said...

Way to keep a positive attitude in a week full of little setbacks! Laughing at yourself is key, I think. :) Thanks for the blog shoutout. Isn't top ten week fun??

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