Thursday, June 9, 2011

top ten: television

it's simple:

honesty warning.
I'm a reality tv junky. it's bad sisters.

top ten "reality tv" shows I watch:
1. Bethany (seasons 1 & 2). she's so funny!
2. The Bachelor/Bachelorette. all fighting to 'find love'.
3. Real House Wives (mostly OC and NY). this one I don't like to admit out loud.
4. Dog the Bounty Hunter. sonny and I still question why we didn't go find him on our honeymoon.
5. Amazing Race. my sister and I want to go on one day! how much fun would that be?!
6. Master Chef. I love cooking shows. maybe it will inspire day.
7. The Apprentice. D trump is the man.
8. The Hill/ Laguna beach. when they were on. don't judge.
9. Pawn Stars. does this count as reality tv? either way sooo interesting!
10. Americas Next Top Model. ditto from above.

girls, I told, I'm a junky. it's terrible. it sucks me in and I can't stop!

top ten favorite tv shows:
1. The Office. Micheal Scott. done deal.
2. Greys Anatomy. I started watching season 3, then played catch up, now don't miss an episode.
3. Doug. yes Doug, like Patti Mayonnaise, and Skeeter.
4. Mary Tyler Moore Show. sonny and I have started to watch it before bed and it's wonderful.
5. Spongebob Squarepants. old school, like before the movie came out. it's hysterical.
6. Home Improvement. family sitcom. the best.
7. Fresh Prince of Bel Air. because Will Smith is the man.
9. Everybody loves Raymond. if my family had a tv show, this would be it.
10. American Idol. is this a 'tv show'? or reality? either way it must be on the list.

and so there they are.
my favorites. me and reality tv need to break up soon. it's no good. but so addicting.
anyone else out there a reality tv junky? or have those shows you watch that you just know you shouldn't?
guilty pleasures.

what are your favorite shows?


Christina said...

I am definitely a reality TV junkie, with my current obsession being the Bachelorette and when it is on Brandon and I LOVE the Amazing Race. I can't convince him to go on it with me though :(

Rachel Breyer said...

I was on the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice this year. Fun fact! : )

annie said...

Oh! So glad to see a fellow Mary Tyler Moore fan. Jordan and I watch it before we go to bed too! (Typically we watch our "Office" DVDs, but we made it to the end of season six and decided to switch it up. I heart Mary Richards.)

Anonymous said...

millionaire matchmaker! i'm obsessed. -Josie

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