Friday, June 10, 2011

top ten: friday. and guest posters wanted!

it's Friday already?! maybe it's because I've worked everyday, but did the week go by fast for you?

and so here we are...the last day for my top ten! I hope you've enjoyed all my ramblings about my favorite things!

I figured today I'd do a hoge pog of lists. enjoy :)

top ten favorite movies:
1. The Wizard of Oz. because there really is no place like home.
2. Beauty and the Beast. makes me cry every time.
3. How to loose a Guy in Ten Days. matthew mcconaughey, yes please.
4. Bride Wars. kate hudson is too beautiful for words, and the ending with the quote about best friends is amazing.
5. Elf. anytime of the year it's still funny.
6. Eat, Pray, Love. julia roberts.
7. Accepted. too funny.
8. Austin Powers. any of them. I was austin powers for halloween one year.
9. It's Complicated. funny, funny, funny.
10. The Sandlot. yep.

top ten favorite places I'll go someday:
1. Greece.
2. Fiji.
3. Italy.
4. California.
5. New York City.
6. Hawaii. again.
7. Colorado.
8. France.
9. Spain.
10. Australia.

top ten favorite ways to turn that frown upside down:
1. starbucks. not rushed though.
2. the beach. the sun, the sand, the tan you'll get...does it get any happier?
3. spending a large amount of quite time with God.
4. mani and pedis. plus you look adorable too.
5. reading a great blog. seriously.
6. target. baithing suits, new clothes, and you can grab toothpaste while you're at it.
7. dogs. or even puppies.
8. new shoes. flops, heels, sparkles, straps, you name it.
9. ice cream. ben & jerrys phish food preferably.
10. long phone conversations with friends to catch up.

so there they are. movies, places, and...happy things? hope you enjoyed the little insight into what my favorite things are.

also, I'm really excited to announce a new series.

each one of us has a beautiful story to tell, and one that needs to be shared. maybe it's about your love life, or maybe it's about your job, or your kids. it might be about God, it might be about family, or it might just be about how wonderful you are.
what ever it's about: it's beautiful.

so...I'm looking for guest posters for the series. if you're interested please email me 'your' story:

have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Just saying! Also Bride Wars is amazing, and so is California. You must go there (It where I lived my whole life up until a few years ago)! I agree with your entire last list. I really need to do this top 10 thing! :)

Anonymous said...

What you have shared made me think of top ten things in different areas, and I feel grateful that I can think of so many. I feel so excited too. Life brings many tears and heartaches--excruciatingly painful--but it also brings such joy and love too. Thank you for sharing, and inspiring!

Kristen said...

LOVE your lists! And most of mine would look exactly the same, especially How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days and Bride Wars! Haha!

(why yes, Mr.Mcconaughey, I was referring to you!)

Ooooh - maybe I'll do a Top Ten list soon! :-)

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