Wednesday, July 17, 2013

new things.

i have to be honest and tell you that i haven't had the craziest of days, and that's why i haven't blogged. 

my schedule has been clear and free, and i've had the time to blog. 
i just didn't. 

most days have just went by and i haven't even thought about it. 
i've been keeping up with you all though! reading and commenting more and more. 

but this little space. 

it's been neglected. 

and i'm kinda sorry about that. 

i've been thinking a lot lately about this blog and my photography blog, and how sometimes i feel like i'm not doing a good job at all of making them the same. or like each other?

i met up with the so wonderful kristyn of milk + crown yesterday and had such a great conversation about life and blogging and friendships. 
and will blog about that soon. 
but i asked her opinion on having this blog, and then my photography site. 

much like me, she's started this small business of jewelry making (which is beautiful, please go look now) and said urged me to make them one. 

she's not the first one to give me this advice. 

and so. 
starting august 1.
beautiful moments will be no more. 
you can find me over here full time. 

i think it's important that people who want to book me know me. i think it's important that all my bloggy friends support (as they already do so much) that area of my life. 

is any of this making sense?
in my brain it does. 

so here's to new things. 
happy wednesday. 


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

YES YES YES!!! love you friend.

Unknown said...

Aw, I am glad you made a decision that is right for you. <3

Kiki said...

LOVE THIS! I think it's a great idea that you're combining the two blogs. Not only does it let your clients get to know you better but I think it'll also make them want to fall in love with you even more (I'm dead serious on this one--because if there's one thing I know, being honest and authentic is exactly what people want to see in others).

That, and I agree that it'll make blogging on your side easier and it'll make it easier for me to see all of your beautiful photos! :)

Oh, and seeing you combine this reminded me of another blogger/photographer who did the same thing. I don't know if you've heard of Arielle Elise's blog before, but she blogs + posts her photo sessions on one blog, too!

kristyn said...

you go girl! i think this is a great idea :) i totally know what you mean about both clients knowing you, and bloggy friends supporting you. combining the two really helps everyone to see who you are and what your passion is more completely. i hope everything goes smoothly for you! :)

ps. here's the link to kelly sauer's blog i mentioned i'd send:

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