about me

hey sweets i'm megan. 
and this is my little space on the internet. 

i'm having a quarter life crisis right now. 
there's more tattoos and a great weekend trip away in my near future. 

i have been married to my prince charming for two and a half years.
we just got our first fur baby, duke. a great dane and he's as tall as i am. 

we live in the sunshine state.
but i'm a buckeye, born and raised. 

my family is as crazy as i am. 
but i wouldn't trade my bunch of crazies for anything. 

i'm a college graduate, who won't be using her degree for her career. 
instead, i've taken off on this journey to follow my God given dream.

because right now, that's what i am. a dreamer.
a lover of all things colorful. 
photographer of anything that will hold still. 

i write about God, and my life. 
how He works in it, how He amazes me. 
how He's saved me. 

it's not a huge space on the internet, but it's mine. 

stay awhile, because there's nothing i love more than new friends. 

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