Thursday, May 2, 2013


i have been waiting for may to get here!

there is so much going on.

a weekend at disney.
we move into a new house.
we get our new dog. 
a giveaway?
(and some other fun things that i can't tell you about yet)

this month is going to be awesome. like over the top awesome. 

my only goal is to make it last. and by that i mean take a million pictures. 

disney is going to be amazing. i haven't been in a couple years, and we're taking my niece for the first time. we're already discussing which princess we will see. 
also. if you follow me on instagram, here's your warning of disney overload pictures. 

sorry i'm not sorry. 

moving is a nightmare. really it is. 
when we moved from ohio to florida i was really young, so mom did all the packing. and the same thing with moving down here twice. so really, i've never moved before. 
and after packing one box the other night i can report that this girl is over it. 
sometimes i wish i had magical powers and could just snap my fingers and my whole house would be packed. 
no it doesn't work. i tried it. 

i'm excited though. so so so much to do this month.

do you have anything going on this month?

happy thursday! 

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kristyn said...

yay for may! sounds like you have a lot of great things ahead of you :) i agree, moving is hard work! we just moved yesterday and it was exhausting. good luck with everything!

grace & love,

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