Friday, May 3, 2013

friday friday favorites.


it's friday.

does anyone else instantly think of the nsync song? just got paid, friday night...

any ways.

so here are a couple posts that i loved and i think know you will too.


ms gennean wrote a post about dreams, and i'm pretty sure i could have wrote it myself. she's reading one of my favorite books (you're made for a God-sized dream) and i can not wait to skype and share our dreams!

chelsea made me drool with this post on food. she's coming to the sunshine state this month and i can not wait to meet her. maybe if i buy a bunch of food, she'll cook for me...;) it's a cinco de mayo inspired menu, so make sure to head that way!

chelsea inspired me with this post. i love just looking at pinterest finds that motivate me.
also. i have a lot of friends with the name chelsea. maybe i'll just start calling them c1 and c2. or texas chelsea and florida chelsea. or pretty chelsea 1 and pretty chelsea 2. ok i'm done.

and ms nadine wrote an incredible post about what's happening right now. it was awesome. i think we forget so often about the here and now and focus on what's happening next. go read now.

any favorite posts you had from the week?

have a wonderful weekend!
i'll have my big hat on for the derby don't you worry!


amber kanady said...

now i'm gonna be singing that n*sync song all day! :)

Angela said...

I always think of that song on Fridays. It's a curse!!

Gennean said...

How am I just now seeing this post? Thanks for the shout out girl- love you and can't wait to Skype!!!

Abigail Boyle said...

Hey girl!

Love, love, love your blog!

I'm in the Clearwater area- are you a Floridian as well!?

Ashley R said...

Oh my gosh. *NSYNC. yes! hehe

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