Tuesday, April 30, 2013

dear dreamer.

yes, you. reading this blog thinking, "she's most certainly not talking to me".

and you, reading this thinking, "that dream of mine is too big and i've got too much to do".

you're ready to go after that dream.

because when we really get down to it, there really is no time like the present.
God has placed this passion on your heart, this dream in your mind for a reason.
a big huge reason that you might not understand, but it's your job to go after it.

dreamer, you were created to make big things happen in His name. big things that show your passion and love for life.

big things that will change the world.

-a strongly desired goal or purpose.

that goal and purpose was placed by the One who placed the stars in the sky.
the One Who created the trees and every grain of sand.

the One Who knows every detail to life.

i am praying for the dreamer right now reading this. and that you would be encouraged, and know, that without a doubt, you are not alone.

you're not alone in that crazy dream.
you're not alone in feeling like it's a risk to go after.
you're not alone in having fear of failing.
you're not alone in wondering if it's all just up in your head.

i promise that you aren't, because i'm right there with you.

i'm terrified of my dream.

but ready.

i'm worried.

but rest in God.
because He hears my prayers.

life is too short to sit back and wait for our dreams to come to us. so get up dreamer! and go get it!

life is meant to be enjoyed.
it's meant to be lived fully.

so dreamer.
let's get going.
me and you girl.

{i'm linking up with a total inspiration today, holley gerth. on her blog. if you haven't read her book "You're made for a God-Sized Dream" you need to go right now and get it. also. go check out her blog}

and also. if you've got a dream and want to talk about it, please email me. nothing would make me happier than to talk with you! i'm chasing mine as we speak.


Gennean said...

Yes yes yes yes yes. YES.

Sara said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Megan! I'm terrified of my dream, too, but hope to see its fulfilment, nonetheless. All the best, dream sister! <3

Amanda Schroeder said...

You've inspired me! You're awesome.

Angela said...

Girl, you're speaking right to my heart today!! Thanks for these words, you are amazing. :) Praying for you and your big dreams, friend!

LB said...

I love that quote & this post! I'm a new follower here and would love to be blogger friends! :) I'm over at www.lbinwonderland.blogspot.com


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