Monday, April 29, 2013


trust is a big word.
and especially when we're talking about giving it all to the Lord.

because i know i can't be the only one who sits and talks to God and tells Him that i "trust in Him", and then still worry.

i know i can't be the only one, that despite His promises of always being there, and guiding me, i still fear about the future.

or maybe i am.

either way. i'm learning to let that worry go.
i'm learning that if we really don't trust Him...and i mean really really trust Him with our lives.
then we're missing the whole point.

you can't read a book in the bible without coming across someone who placed all their trust in God, or if they didn't the Lord taught them how.
the Word brings me hope. because when i read about paul, who went and never wavered in his faith to God, it encourages me.

and lets face it. i'm not sailing on a ship wrecked boat, or stuck in jail. or beaten because i love Jesus.

big things are coming and i feel like God is getting me ready for a huge leap of faith.
it's terrifying yes.
but so.

happy monday!
and if you're like me, a total control freak.
take the day off will ya? ;)

let the One who's the ultimate control freak take care of things.


kristyn said...

oh, did i need this post today. thank you for writing it.

grace & love,

Kiki said...

This is probably the BEST post to start off my week. Or every and any day for girls like me! :)

Jessica Lynn Martin said...

goodness, loved this post! Thanks for the encouraging words. Like every other Christian, I have wavered in my faith in trusting the Lord to provide, despite the promises He clearly gives me. I loved what you said about how were lucky were not like Paul in jail or beaten--so true! praying for you and your upcoming leap of faith, God will provide! xo

Angela said...

Love this post, girl!! You are definitely not the only one that struggles with this. It's harrrdddd. Thank you for the reminder, and for your heart!

ashley said...

I've never regretted trusting the Lord. He is faithful! I pray you have the courage to jump when He tells you to :) it's gonna be great

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