Thursday, May 23, 2013

i'm still here!

hey there sweet thang.

life down here in the sunshine state could not be better.
we moved.
i put in my two weeks but they kinda just told me adios.
which terrified me at first, but now i'm so thankful.
which also means i am offically unemployed.
i had dinner with one amazing girl this week.
we get our dog on saturday.
and i {once again} redid the blog.
i have serious ocd.

it's a work in progress.
but i love it.

i'll be back with more.
happy thursday my dears.


Chelsea Hannah said...


Kiki said...

Um, LOVE the new look, girl! I'm seriously crazy with my blog design, too but I'm seriously loving your new look!

And hooray for getting your dog, too! Dogs are the best.

p.s. You're joining the unemployed club! Even if it's temporary, I'm glad we're in it together. :)

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