Thursday, May 16, 2013

two weeks.

if you've been reading my blog lately then you've caught onto these hints i've been dropping about something big going on in my life.
and i'll say for the last time, no it's not a baby yet.

i finally get to tell you.


after four and a half years, i quit my job serving tables.
ok really, i put in my two weeks. but still.
come june 1st i'll no longer be serving tables.

{here's where you can cheer for me}

it's been a huge desion for me {and sonny} to make.

you see, i have this dream, and passion for photography.
and it's a huge dream. to make it my profession.

and i'm also a comfortable kind of girl.
i like things to be comfortable.

within my reach.

the last couple of months i've been praying a lot. praying that if this whole photography thing is what the Lord has for me, then He'll make the way for me.

and then i read "you're made for a God-sized dream" by holley gerth.
which i'm giving away! check out the last post!

and so i prayed some more.
i was beyond encouraged to read that book. it seriously felt like i had this little cheerleader. her words let God speak to me.

the thought...or maybe He straight up just told quit my job and pursue this dream full time.

crazy i know.

i responded with, "are you crazy?!"
quit my job?
and then do what about money?

again, this is one of those moments that i know God was looking down and just smiling saying, "oh megan"

i prayed. and prayed. and prayed.

and then talked to sonny.
who asked me what took so long to come to this conclusion.

and then i had coffee with my sweet friend mary. i seriously can't even begin to tell you what an encouragement our conversation was. and half way through the conversation i knew, i just knew, i was making the right choice in following this dream. her words were spoken at that moment, for such a huge reason.

and so i put a date on it.
june 1st.

the last month has flown by and i can not believe that it's almost here.

when i said i was the comfortable girl i meant it.
i like things to be with in my reach. i'm also a control freak. which maybe is a better name for this situation.

i like to plan things out. know what's next.

and now?

well now i have no idea what's going to happen.

i won't have a job.

we may end up eating cereal for dinner every night.

but it's a risk i'm willing to take.
it's a risk my husband is taking with me.

i don't believe that God places these huge dreams and passions on our hearts for us to wait for them to happen.

sometimes we just have to take a giant leap of faith.
we have to turn to God and say, "ok, here i go. i trust you."

i really really trust you.

yes. there are times when i think i'm doing the wrong thing.
but then i pray. and i'm not kidding when i tell you that the peace of God rushes to my heart.

i was created for so much more than what i'm doing right now.

what no eye has seen, 
what no ear has heard
and what no human mind has conceived, 
these things God has prepared for those who love Him. 
1 corinthians 2:9

i love Jesus so much. and i know that this plan He has for my life is so much more than i'll ever be able to understand. but i'm ready to go. i'm ready to take this huge leap.

because if we're being honest here.

i've never, ever, done anything like this before.
i've never just taken a jump and said, "catch me Lord!"

i've always played it safe.

so here i go. jumping, and putting 100% of my trust in Him. because that's the point isn't it? to trust God with our whole lives. not just the parts we have a handle on.

i'm so excited, and nervous. and ready.

i'm chasing after this dream.
and ready for this adventure.


Katie Ann said...

I am so excited for you. And proud of you, even though we haven't 'known' each other that long. Jesus' heart is bursting right now!


RitaMarie said...

This is an awesome post and exactly what I needed. I need to read that book. I have a dream I really feel is my passion and destiny. :)

erin m. said...

this post totally fired me up! i love seeing people take risks for things they are passionate about. i'm really proud of you for doing something that is a little scary, but will be worth it!

Kiki said...

How exciting! That is such a brave step you're taking and it's so encouraging for me to be brave and not fear the uncomfortable things in life. Praying for you + your husband as you take this next step in your photography journey! :)

Amanda Schroeder said...

This is really exciting. BUT i Hope you know how amazing of a writer you are!


Gennean said...

YEAH GIRL! I am so beyond excited for you and for what the Lord is going to do as He rocks your world! Can't wait for our skype sesh soon!

Anonymous said...

Omgsh yay!!!! How exciting!

kristyn said...

you go girl!! that is so amazing :) i agree, i don't think God places things on our hearts if He doesn't want us to follow them! i pray that He continues to reveal His path for your life--what exciting things lie ahead!

grace & love,

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