Tuesday, April 16, 2013


the world shouldn't be this way. 

young children shouldn't be shot at.
planes shouldn't be used as a weapon. 
large gatherings shouldn't be targets. 

but these things all happen. 

i came home from work yesterday and after i took a shower, cried on my bed for a long time. i cried and prayed because i was scared. 

scared that this is the world i'll be bringing a child into one day. 
scared that something like this could happen. 
scared that people actually plan these attacks out. 

my hope though, is in the Creator. 
the Author of the stars. 
the maker of the seas. 

my hope is in my Savior. 
Who over came the world. 

i know that we'll come together as a country. 
we'll hang flags and join hands. 

but my hope is in so much more than all that. 

Jesus right now i need You to come into our homes and hearts. break through the walls that keep You. surround boston right now and every single person involved today. send Your Holy Spirit on them and bring them peace, Jesus. i don't get days like these. i don't understand why these things happen. but God i know that above anything, YOU are stronger. and that's what makes me stronger. i thank You for Your faithfulness and Your promise that when we call on You, You will answer. so hear these prayers God and be with the families.

pray for boston. 

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Erika Spitler said...

Amen... so agreeing with you in prayer for Boston today.

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