Monday, April 15, 2013

tiny moments

there's a couple things in this world that just make me instantly happy.

my hubby.
dove chocolate.
and this adorable tiny human.

{i know. you can't handle the cute}

i got go spend the weekend with this little nugget, and beside being totally exhausted when i got home yesterday, it was so much fun. 

she's almost three so she's in this, "the kids say the funniest things" stage. she's a rambler. and i joke that she has the attention span of a flea. moms out there get me. 

but goodness is she fun. 

we went to the zoo on saturday, which turned into all my closest friends bringing their babies, or nephews. which, if you've never been to the zoo with small children, you need to put it on your to-do list because it's just too much fun.

yesterday rained all day. which squished any plans we might have had. 
i woke exhausted, i'm not used to playing mommy that's for sure. 
i had to walk from my sisters to my moms (they live 4 houses away from each other) and it started to rain. 

reagan opened the door and said, "aw, aunt meggy its rainin".
i grabbed the umbrella, scooped her up and took off for my moms. 

it started to pour, like feet soaked, legs turning brown from the dirt pouring. 

reagan clung onto me, and out of no where, looks at me and says, "aunt meggy, i love you."

my heart melted y'all. 

this morning in my prayer time i thanked God over and over again for letting me be her aunt. 

i mean seriously. this little girl means the world to me. 

these are the moments that i'll hold onto forever. moments that written on my heart forever. 

it makes me take life slow. does that make sense?

if i'm always rushing, i miss things like this. if i ran through the rain with her, we would have laughed, but maybe that moment wouldn't have happened. 
we slowed down, and walked. 

it's not about getting to the finish line first. it's about how we get there. 

i'm so thankful for my weekend with reagan. 
and so so so thankful for moments like these. 

happy monday. 


Pretty lady said...

this so precious, as so is she!

Angela said...

Kind of crazy how much we can learn from little kids, huh? 2-4 is like my favorite age for kids. They are so curious and aren't afraid to ask questions. I love it! Such a great reminder to us to slow down and remember the important things in life. :)

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