Thursday, April 4, 2013

coffee date

if i could, i'd invite you to go hang out at starbucks with me for the next couple of hours so we could catch up on life.

but since we can't.

i'll just tell you here.

life lately, has been full of appreciation {see my last post}. full of family and friends. this week couldn't have been a better reminder from the Lord on how blessed i truly am.

so my week. and it's only thursday.
i did an engagement session on saturday which i am drooling over because the couple is too stinking cute.

to see more visit my photography facebook page.

sunday we celebrated our Risen King. 
can you see where we get our good looks from? ;)

i died when i saw this picture and that smile. 

tuesday night i had dinner with one of my very best friends. 
this girl just gets me. she's also doing the world race come this september and i can't even begin to put into words how proud i am of her. which also means i'll be writing about helping sponsor her soon!

and then yesterday. 
oh yesterday. 

i didn't have to be at work until 5, and decided to go with hubby to his personal training session. 
first, let me start with the fact that i am not totally out of shape. i've been working out with my girl jillian and doing her 30 day shred, every couple of days. 
this morning i feel like i haven't done any physical activity since i was twelve. i have muscles hurting that i didn't even know existed. 

{it was serious}

and today we are heading up to north carolina for a short visit because a dear friend of mine is getting married at duke chapel on saturday! 

any plans for the weekend?
happy thursday!


Kiki said...

Pretty photos (that includes the photos of you and the engagement photos you did--I love the lighting in those shots!), girl!

And I totally get you muscle ache. I started running (which is really walking and jogging) again and I get what you mean. Hope it goes away soon!

Julie said...

Sounds like an awesome week! Those photos are just amazing! I am so jealous that you've got your own photography thing going on. That's like, one of my dream jobs! Teach me your ways, please :)

Naomi Peffer said...

I'm with you on random muscles showing up that I didn't know about. I just joined a crossfit gym and it's rocking my socks off!
And it really is a great start to a week when we get to celebrate our Savior and the victory we claim through Him!

Angela said...

Beautiful! I love all those engagement shots. You have a gift for sure. :)

Livia Anggraeni said...

beautiful photos! you have a great blog! mind to check out my blog? maybe we can follow each other :)

Nadine said...

OH THOSE MOMENTS when there have got to be some new muscles because how oh how does everything hurt!?!?
You look stunning in all of the pictures!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

what a beautiful weekend!

and i would also love to sit down in starbucks with you and chat :) sound fun!!

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