Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the cold that caught me

so i've been avoiding people who had colds like the plauge lately, but it seems it did me no good because i am currently nursing the worst head cold i've ever had.

we just got back from nc yesterday, and i was lucky enough to get the day off from work. but it's back at it tomorrow.

we had a great trip, and it just makes my heart so happy that i've seen another beautiful friend get married.

my mind is a bit of a blur right now. that cold medicine will do that too ya.

so instead of a long thoughtful post, i'll leave you with the funniest things i've pinned on pinterest lately.

follow me on pinterest.

welcome to florida.

finally, an explanation. 

i need to know if this is a real thing. 

they are. 

happy tuesday!


Erika Spitler said...

I CANT. HAHAHHHAHAHA. I deleted my Pinterest a few months ago and would seriously create another account just so I can follow you.

"Turning right in 5 miles better signal now" – totally guilty of this. Florida + their drives has rubbed onto me.

I also have something really embarrassing to confess. While I highly doubt people wear the shower cap in such a hideous fashion, I grew up owning a pink one just like that. Oh, the joys of being Japanese. :) :)

Julie said...

Cracking up over here! Oh, the joys (and recipes) that Pinterest has brought to our lives.

Hope you start feeling better soon! Sending some love and prayers your way :)

Emily Patten said...

Oh my goodness I love that last one. Wine. So funny!!

erin m. said...

Haha- those are so great.

I got sick over the weekend too! I am currently in the "no voice" stage. Hope you start feeling better soon!

Jovita said...

haha, these are great! And lets face it, they're pretty much all true! Feel better soon, Megan!

Angela said...

Pinterest is just great. I also neeeeed to know if that's real!

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