Tuesday, April 2, 2013

it's too short.

i scrolled through facebook this morning and immediately got that pit in my stomach.

friend after friend had posted about a mutual friend we all went to high school with, and his tragic death late last night.

i stood with tears in my eyes.

were we super close?
but it doesn't hurt any worse, because i still have to say, "yea, i knew him."

i read the newspaper article, and cried harder when i saw the number 24 by his name, and 25 by his friends.

24 years old.

i went to his facebook shortly after reading the article, and saw his post from sunday and i couldn't help but smile.
"Happy Easter everyone... Lets not forget what this holiday is all about. Before you eat or go to bed remember to pray giving thanks to god for sending his only son to die for our sins and rise from that tomb. #jesuslovesyouevenifyoudontbelieve"

thank you Jesus.

does that post make it any easier? not really.
but it helps a little.

this is the second accident that's happened in our town this week that's been certifiably classified as a tragic and freak accident. i can't help but think God is quietly reminding me us that life...is way too short.

our days here on earth are numbered. and there's only one Person who knows that number.

that facebook status gives me so much hope that while he was here on earth, he made a difference. his voice was heard, and seeing what others are writing about him now, solidify that fact. he stood out. he made a difference.
and even though we haven't talked since high school, i'm thankful that one day we'll see each other again in heaven.

i'm so reminded today that our lives have got to mean something.
because when it's done...we don't get to come back and try it all again.
this is it. 
we've got this one shot to make His name known, and live a life that's full.
full of love.
full of laughter.
full of chasing dreams.
full of serving others.
full of Jesus.

i'm wondering what i've done up until this point in my life. how have i spent these 24 years i've been given.
if i had that conversation today in front of that gate, would He look down and say, "well done good and faithful servant."
or would i have some explaining to do?

i don't really want to think about the second option. i honestly think i'm somewhere in the middle.

it sucks (for lack of a better term) that it takes instances like this to make us really value the life we've got. because if we're being honest here, i didn't really think about it yesterday. or the day before. or the day before that.
i thank God for a lot of things, but looking at my prayers lately "my life" hasn't been one of them.

i'm thankful today Jesus. 
i'm also really sad. 
and confused. 
because no matter how happy i am that he's in a far 
better place than any of us down here, 
i still don't get why that number next to his name 
couldn't have been 99. 

the saying "life is short" should be tattooed on every persons forehead. just so we don't forget.

because it really, really is.
incredibly short.

we have so little time on this earth to do what He's called us to do. this amazing young man was given 24 years. do we all wish it was longer? of course. but i'm prayerful that while he was here, God gave him a plan and he ran with it.

i'm sorry for not mentioning the name, which would have made it a smoother read, but it's out of respect to his family. which i am praying for so bad right now. along with the other two families involved. 

i'm thankful for the reminder, and wish it didn't come in this form. but we've all got a short amount of time, and a lot to do.


Gennean said...

You're right, Meg, it's never easy. But we can take heart knowing that those we lose on this side of eternity are now with the King!

Kate Murtha said...

His last status touched my heart too - great article Meg.

Rachel Breyer said...

Hi Meg,

I just wanted to let you know that you actually went to high school with both of them. They were both God loving men. I am completely heart broken with this news and especially for their families. We are close family friends with the person you mentioned in your blog and I attended kindergarten through high school with the other victim.

Katie Ann said...

I am sitting here at school praying, praying, praying for this young man and the families involved. Death is always a disturbing reminder; I'm so grateful God uses it to teach us, though. It's frustrating that we don't come to our senses unless something so drastic happens. But praise God for his faithfulness and his witness to people around him.

As for your tattoo idea, I need that reminder.

Take care,

Erika Spitler said...

My heart is heavy to hear this news... but I am praising Jesus for the promise of eternity for this man. Thank you for reminding us what really matters, Megan.

erin m. said...

I am so sorry you are experiencing this loss. It is so hard to walk through something like that. I had a classmate tragically die earlier this year, and it was so sad. Praying that God will bring you peace and comfort and inspire you to live your life to the full!

Angela said...

Sorry for the loss, girl! Even if you weren't super close it is always kind of a reality check when someone you know passes away...especially so young! Just find comfort that he is with Jesus and keep praying for those families!

Pretty lady said...

I can relate to this so much. Thanks Megan.
So sorry for your loss but rejoicing at his last words on fb!

Lauren said...

Lives lost are always reminders of the preciousness of our days. Thanks for the reminder Meg.

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