Monday, March 25, 2013


let's be honest here, it's silly this whole yolo thing.
because isn't it obvious?

we really do only live once.
i had no idea we needed a catchy acronym to let us know.

and as silly as it is, it's true.

we've got one life to live.
and who knows how long it might be.

so what are we waiting for?

"God doesn't have a backup plan for your life
either this dream happens through you 
or it doesn't happen at all." 
- holley gerth 

i've put this dream down on paper, and i'm working towards it.
and can i just be honest here?
it's been really hard.
like, i'm just going to quit hard.
some days it feels like i don't have much support.

dreams aren't just for those of us who want to own a photography business. or who want to be a stay at home mom. or want to run a big company. or who want to be authors. or who want to be public speakers.
dreams are in everyones heart. 
God created each one of us with a dream.

little or big.
they're all still dreams.

the sad part though. more than half of us won't chase after that dream.
because if there's is one thing we humans are great at, it's making excuses.
i don't have time. 
i'm too old. 
i'm too young. 
i don't have the money. 
it's a silly dream. 
i've got kids. 
i don't have kids. 
i'm married. 
i'm single.

what ever the reason you're not chasing after your dream is...i can promise you, the good Lord didn't give it too you.
you've made it up on your own.

God didn't create us to just get by in life. we aren't supposed to settle for that job because it's a steady paycheck. we aren't supposed to cast our dreams to the side because we got married, or had kids. He knew all of that would happen to begin with.

"He didn't put you on the earth to be mediocre. 
He didn't form you with His hands, 
dream you up in His heart, 
and place you in this world for a purpose 
just for you to go through life being 'fine'."
 - holley gerth

did you catch all that?

settling shouldn't be an option.
it sure isn't for me anymore.

yes. does my life look like the conventional "i just graduated from college, and now i need to go get a 9-5". no way josue.
and i am so happy for that. 

God has me in this place right now for 1000 reason. of which, i think i've figured out 5. and i'm ok with that.

because i'm happy.
i'm going after my dreams.
and i know that this one life i get to live is supposed to be blessed. it's supposed to be full of me chasing after the dream God created for me.

and it all starts with humbling myself before the God who placed the stars in the sky.

He must increase, but i must decrease.
john 3:30

"your dream is a gift God gives to you. 
what you make of it is your gift to Him." 
- holley gerth

i don't know about you...but i sure as heck do not want to waste the dream that God gave me.

maybe you're reading this and thinking, "i don't have a dream. i'm a mom. i'm a wife. i don't have time for all this", or maybe you're thinking, "i'm a college kid. i'm too young to be dreaming like this".
stop right now.

pick up a piece of paper, and think of that dream.

it's in your heart somewhere.
we've all got them.

and this world needs more dreams that have come from God in heaven.

i don't want to get to heaven and have God say, "well meg, that dream i gave you...what happened?"

i want to stand before Him, dream in hand, and hear Him say, "well done good and faithful servant."

be a dream chaser.
you've got nothing stopping you.

{hubby got this for me when he went out of town. what a sweet guy}


Pretty lady said...

This is such a wonderful post megan! IT'S CHALLENGING ME!

Chelsea Hannah said...

oh hello, I really just love you.

Erin said...

so so love this. and you. amazing new blog design too :)

Scarlett said...

hey, i mentioned you in my blog but i'm still figuring out how to "share"...I'm a friend of Chelsea's (an older friend lol...of her mom's too). Anyway, thanks for the "hope" you inspired in me about my own dreaming. I'm trying to make them happen, and praying God will be glorified. my blog is I'm so very new at this, but I mentioned you and wanted to thank ya! Scar

Kiki said...

I've been reading through this post of yours for the past three days or so and just cannot thank you enough for writing it! Seriously, these are the words I needed to read and need to remind myself of. Especially the excuse part. I feel like I'm probably the queen of excuses when it comes to making my dreams a reality!

p.s. Holley Gerth is an amazing author. I just finished one of her books and cannot wait to start another!

Kasey Lynne said...

Wow. This post couldn't have come at a better time. My excuse/thought on why I'm still at a job that I absolutely hate..."Well, I've gone on so many interviews and nothing has worked out. God obviously wants me to stay here for a reason." But ultimately, I don't think he wants us to be a life that isn't fullfilling.

Thank you so much for this. I needed it!

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