Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i love food! and a vlog about it!

hello sweet girls.

so here it is, my newest vlog!

i am seriously loving the girl behind the blog linkups.

i'm tired. i worked a long day today, so i mumble and make up words in this vlog. so be ready for that. 

also. i'm not a health freak. there i said, and i'll tell you again in the vlog. but i adore women who cook healthy for their families and will get better with time. 

ok. my eyes are literally closing, and it's not even 7.
old lady status whats up. 

please come back to my blog, i'm normal i swear.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new blog! And I like you, too. I tell you, the closer I get to the end of pregnancy the more we eat out. I'm just plain too tired. You always make me laugh

Anonymous said...

also... my grandmother also used the Nezle' Tollhauze recipe (ok i spelled it wrong to make it not so obvious)

Jess said...

Girl I love, love, love your little blog! So excited to have found you in the link up :) Your video is the best! I totally get not wanting to cook after a long day of serving.. I used to be a server too and it was nice to go out and just relax!

Erika Spitler said...

Orrrrrr CHOCOLATE TACOS. Oh my gosh, mouth watering.

You are amazing. We need to plan another hang out time!

Kerrie Williams said...

haha "I'm normal I swear"
"Heck no tech no"
"It's been a really long day, like a really long day"
You shouted out to me!! I feel so big time. Holla. (I take back the holla. that's so 2002.)
Can you tell I'm typing this comment as I watch your vlog?
"Nestle Tollouuusee" YES. Hilarious episode.
AND, seeing/hearing YOU!

just a few of my favorite things from this blog post.

Nadine said...

I recognize the glare! That's my hassle each month for the vlog! :)

Chelsea said...

(I'm live commenting as I watch your video)
lovely new blog name! It fits so well!

No, you're an incredible woman.

I love your vlogs- I feel like I'm actually having a conversation with you (as opposed to me reciting a speech haha).

I'm all about bacon-cheese fries. With steak. Yeah.

Tacos and chocolate. YES. (Chacos are good too)

Yay for chocolate chip cookies!

Brittany GraceAnn said...

this is an absolute riot!!!

"I'm just the one who said it." LOL!!!

i was a server too - and can totally relate to this. i don't serve anymore, but feeding my kids all day long... makes me not want to cook at night. hear hear... let's all go out to eat more! LOVED this! XO

Julie said...

You cracked me up! And I so agree– I love eating out. Sometimes you really just need it. And tacos and chocolate forever? Yesssss please!

The Woodlands said...

I am SOGLAD that you did this link up so i could find your blog...I love it! You are great, so hilarious and fun!
Also, Phoebe's grandmother's chocolate chip cookie recipe is my absolute favorite too ;)

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