Thursday, March 28, 2013

just dance it out.

it's been a long week.
like really long {did ya see my vlog?!}

emotional. which leads to it turning into being physically exhausted. and spiritually i feel like i've been saying the same things over and over.

but i still keep on because i have hope. 

i had the day off yesterday which was wonderful.
and like every good housewife, i cleaned.

i was in my kitchen {because that was the "de-clutter" room of the day}, throwing out anything that i hadn't used or was taking up too much unnecessary room, when i in the distance..."cause it ain't no lie, baby bye bye byeee".

an angel? i thought.

nope. just the girls who live across from me.

it's been a little chilly here, so my doors were opened and their music was blaring.

and for once. i didn't care.
because followed by that gem, came brittney. and then jt all on his own {senorita, i feel for youuu}. and then michael. and then christina. and then usher {you got it bad}.

and then the commercial.

pandora! i shouted.

i proceeded to close all the doors and windows, hook up my phone to our speakers and let the *nsync station on pandora play loud and proud.

if you're having a bad day, there's your instant fix. you can thank me later.

and so i continued to clean, and clean. each song singing a little bit louder. when finally, the husband came home for my grande finale.

{did you enjoy the free tour of my room and bathroom?}

and so there it is.

i sound just like her.

sometimes, you've just got to dance around your bathroom with a broom as your microphone.
life is too short.
we need to dance more. it relieves the stress.
sing off key more.
and be more ok with looking like a total fool once in a while, if it makes other people laugh.

happy thursday friends.
and here's to the "hair brush singers and dash board drummers".

not that the numbers are what matter. but that number over there is almost at 200.
which i love. because it's about the people that represent that number that i love.
i am so thankful for this blog and all God has done to bless it. AND YOU!
my beautiful readers, who i adore.
when i hit 200 followers i'm hosting a GIVEAWAY!
all my favorites. from me to you.
so be on the lookout for that!

you bless my socks off friends.


Erika Spitler said...

The video had me in suspense – and then as the video turned the corner... I became super super happy :)

kristyn said...

this video just made me smile super big. you are adorable :) i love that your hubby taped it all too! seems like you guys are a lot of fun!

glad you found my blog because now i get to read your lovely one as well :)

grace & love,

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