Saturday, March 30, 2013


there's so much irony in good friday, don't you think?

i woke up yesterday and read through the gospels with each other their accounts. those horrible six hours that my Savior went through.
just for me.
to cover all my sins.

i'm not sure if i'll ever wrap my head around how much love that is.
and i'm ok with that.

because it leaves me always wanting and needing more of it.

i prayed to God that i was sorry He had to watch His only Son go through all of that. because, i really truly am.

i'm humbled this easter season.
and so. so very thankful for what He did for me.
and you.
and the world.

so i sit today in anticipation for what tomorrow brings.

He has risen.
He's waiting for me in Heaven.

and a celebration we will have, to praise Him.

happy easter to you and yours.


Julie said...

Ah amen! Couldn't have put it any better myself! I seriously can't wrap my brain around it fully either but like you said, it's okay because it makes me need it more. Thank you for sharing, I'm feeling humbled tonight :) Happy Easter!

itbritt said...

I feel very, very humbled as well.
Its mind blowing to know that he had me in mind as he hung there.

Absolutely something to Celebrate.

Happy Easter.

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