Sunday, March 3, 2013

it's stirring.

the last three days have been so jam packed with God screaming at me, i can barely handle it.

thursday night, i was so overly blessed by jessi's class on the influence network {if you've never taken one you're seriously missing out}. it was about spreading the gospel using our words, rocked my socks.

and then friday and saturday i attended a woman's conference at my moms church.
sheri rose shepherd was the speaker. and again, if you've never heard of're really missing out. she was an overweight high schooler who turned her life around and won ms. america.
boo yah. 
her message was so incredible, and i again heard God speak to me about the very same thing He spoke to me on thursday about.

and saturday morning i was taught how important it is to take care of this temple God has given me.
which girls. i needed. like really needed.

the point of all the blabbering is that this is all just sitting and stirring in my heart.

i'm trying to get all the words put in the right orders. but post will be coming.

how was your weekend?

the seafood festival is in town today, and even though it's only a high of 60 today. i'm barring the cold and heading out!

all my love,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

God truly is amazing. Happy weekend girl! :)

~ Noelani

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