Monday, March 4, 2013

hello march!

spring is coming!

the clothes in the store are all going from dark browns and blues to beautiful mint and peach colors.
and it makes my heart so happy.

there's a lot i'm about to start "spring cleaning". my house and my life. i'm so ready for some serious changes to happen!

one thing i must do more of is take pictures.

i found this awesome photo challenge on pinterest and decided that march is my photo month.

i've tried some of the photo challenges on instagram but have never been sucessful. they always get away from me on day 3. 

not this time. 

i feel like a lot is about to happen in march. 
or maybe i just have so much stirring in me that it's going to bust out soon {like waiting for march madness to start!}

photos 1 & 2.

outfit stats:
sweater- old navy
blouse- american eagle
jeans- ross 
boots- macys
watch- michael kors

and if you didn't watch my vlog...i chopped all my hair off.

do you have any goals set for march?

happy monday!

all my love, 


Katie Cook said...

aahhhh you are so lovely girl:) My goal for march is to pack up our life and get ready to move to asia! haha! It's a bit overwhelming, but I'm also excited. Love your new hair! love Katie

Erika Spitler said...

Why are you so cute!?

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