Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a coffee date.

i feel like we haven't caught up lately.

so let's pretend that we're meeting at starbucks right now. and let's chat.

life lately has been...exhausting for me.
i've been working twice as much since i'm out of school, and for any of you who have ever, or currently work in a restaurant, know how exhausting it is.
physically and mentally.

it's hard being around a group of people who just hate life in general every day. seriously. some of the people i work with complain day in and day out about their jobs, or life, or situations outside of work. it's hard. and trickles down onto me.
i'm only human.

i feel like i might be getting into a rut.

that was, until i got the worlds best pep talk from the hubby last night.

i came home in a grumpy mood. i was tired of my job (per usual) and instead of being thankful for even having the job, i complained about it.
which then lead to the "i'm a college graduate serving tables" conversation.
which isn't any fun for anyone.

which then turned into a conversation about my photography business.
that i feel like isn't going anywhere.
because i'm not good enough.

and then he asked the most simple question that felt like a bullet in my chest.
"so why are you doing photography than?"

for once in my life i didn't emotionally respond.
i just sat there, cried, and thought.

"because it's what i love to do."
he responded, "then do it babe."

my husband is amazing.
like for serious amazing.

he went on to give me the pep talk i needed about my photography business and how it's not going to grow over night. i have to get my butt going and work for it.
i got time for that!
i can't tell you how blessed i am by my husband.

if we were chatting right now i might tell you that i am so ready to move.
we're living in an apartment now and i am just so ready for a house.
and some change. or the ability to change the furniture around a bit more.
i need that kind of thing in my life.

i need to be organized which is something i'm going to start this week.
do you have any suggestions on where to start???
it's a daunting task, that whole organizing thing.
maybe i should contact ashlee now that she's free. (if you don't watch the bachelor you won't get this joke)

i'd tell you that i have a women's conference to go to on friday and saturday and i am so ready to hear God's word! like so ready for my world to be rocked. ready.

oh. and speaking of conferences...did you see that the influence network made some announcements today?! i am so ready for september.
will any of you be there too???

and then lets see...i'd tell you that i can not believe it's already march. i mean really?
sure february is shorter anyways, but man did this month fly by!
although i am super ready for march madness.

and then. lastly.
i'd ask if you've seen this hilarious video.
i feel like goats are making a huge comeback.
did you know they sound like humans when they yell?
sonny and i laughed till we cried the other night watching a bunch of goat videos. welcome to married life folks.


Kerrie said...

great advice from the hubby :)

Annie said...

i would like some career advice from sonny please! that's SO good that he's completely behind you & your photography. you need those people who will spur you on to chase your dreams!

your job sounds like mine. we're overworked, underpaid & underappreciated, and you and i both have college degrees. let me tell you something. Jesus is using us. Jesus IS using us. i'm not really sure how but i know He is. i'm learning to focus more on the people at my job instead of the problems. He's placing those people - customers and coworkers - in my life for a reason. i may never know why but i want to be a good steward of that influence nonetheless.

speaking of influence, i can't wait to see you come september! EEEEK!

Justina F. Lee said...

Great advice from the hubby! You go girl!

Holly said...

Your hubby gave you great advice and support right there...I hope you make it happen!!! Doing something you hate with people who bring you down is so not what God wants us to do. I've been there before, and it just sucks the life out of you. I'll pray that things can start to look up soon :)

I want to move out and buy furniture and organize and decorate, too!!! As for organizing, start with your schedule and organizing that and then move on to your home desk. I'm not very good at helping with that, though, because my desk is chaotic but it's organized for me lol.

LOL my brother showed me the video of that goat and I literally almost peed my pants!!! Then I found one of Whitney Houston too and about died lol. Too funny!!

Chelsea Hannah said...

1. I'm probably just going to punch you if you keep saying you're not a good enough photographer.

2. that. video.

3. I love you. a lot. let's hang out soon.

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