Monday, February 25, 2013

a very important bday and a vlog.


it's my hubby's birthday!

words can't describe how much i love this man! sometimes i wonder how God figured us out. i mean, let's be honest here...i'm a pain in the butt some days. but this handsome man loves me despite all that. he's the peanut butter to my jelly. seriously. we make this awesome couple, but couldn't do that with out the other. he's got the level head. i've got the emotions. i am so thankful to be his wife, and to be able to laugh forever with him. 

so hubby,
thank you for loving me the way i am. 
thank you for encouraging me to chase these crazy dreams of mine. 
thank you for not being scared to tell me when i'm being a crazy person. 
thank you for always making me laugh. 
thank you for this life we have together. 
thank you for being an amazing example of a Christ follower. 
thank you for providing for me. 
thank you for teaching me new things.
thank you for being my husband. 
i love you more than anything! happy birthday hottie.


i'm linking up again with the girl behind the blog.
and this one i feel is super awkward.
something was itching me the whole time.
and then the garbage truck came.

you've just got to push through. ok go ahead. also. one day, if i can ever figure out how. i'll make a bloopers vlog of all the times i messed up.



Anonymous said...

Well, first of all, Happy birthday hubby!

I'm glad you like watching the vlogs as much as I do. I remember that time right after graduation, trying to start your life in the big girl world, and it is so weird. I wish I was in orlando still because I'd LOVE to have you do our pics! Maybe next time we are in town :-)

Erika Spitler said...

Megan! I just love how real you are. This time of your life excites me because I know that it is preparing you for everything that falls into place next. I like your perspective! Can't wait to see you soon:)

Chelsea said...

Haircut = awesome. Seriously, your hair always looks so good!

Where are y'all moving to??

Annie said...

Happy belated birthday, Sonny!

I can hear the garbage truck right now. I can really hear the garbage truck right now.

yes to what you said. yes, yes, yes. keep using your gifts for His glory, beautiful!

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