Saturday, February 23, 2013

i made something...

no, my blog hasn't been taken over by some super crafty girl.

but this is my attempt to do so.

if you've followed my blog for any amount of time, you know that crafts and i just don't mix. i try really hard but i'm just not crafty. or maybe i am and i just give up too easily.


nonetheless, every time some one comes to my house they always notice the one thing i successfully crafted.
and it's not even over the top crafty.

after hubsters and i got married we had a billion cards (anyone who's been married and had a wedding is shaking their head yes right now). and unlike birthday cards that you'll get year after year, i'll only get wedding cards once.

and every important person in my life got me one.

so naturally i wanted to keep them.

insert my little card book.

{that picture was a couple months after we started dating. what a hottie}

it took some serious time because i had to hole punch every card. 
but so worth it. 

here's what you'll need:
1 piece of pretty paper to be your front and back covers
letters {for you and hubbys names}
ribbon that matches your paper
and any other scrapbook decorations you have

it's really simple, but an idea that i've heard over and over again that's a good one. 
and some days i don't have a single one so i like to ride this one out ;)

here's to making something crafty out of trying to be a pack rat!

all my love, 


Purposely at Home said...

aghhh! i. love. it. fabulous job! :)


Annie said...

i love that! i wanna do that when i get married!

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