Wednesday, February 13, 2013

happy hump day.

how do you not giggle?
i am so immature. 

it's wednesday! the week is halfway done! praise the Lord!

first off let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sissy!

{holy throwback}

{isn't she pretty?}

i seriously can't believe she's turning 22. it's weird. i've never felt old but this one...for some reason it's dawning on me that we're growing up and not a bunch of kids anymore. 

she's my bff and partner in crime. have a great day sissy!  i love you mucho!

i'll ramble about the bachelor. 

i really don't think there is a SINGLE person in america who wasn't clapping when sean sent ms. sparkle home. seriously. 

she drove me bananas. and had an ugly cry, which we saw every episode. 

and girl, just so we're can totally control your eyebrows. 
was anyone else about to pee when she said that?

i've decided that ashlee is my favorite. 

moving right along. 

i did a bridal session this past weekend and i seriously can't get over how beautiful these pictures are. my sweet friend chelsea, who also blogs let me convince her to get back in her wedding dress and hang out with me for the afternoon. she picked the most perfect spot and she's just so beautiful that i'm itching to go back! 


i've just been in this state of shock really since i edited all of these because for the first time...i am over the moon proud of myself. 
like really proud of myself. 

i compare my work way to much to others and have finally found my "style" if you will. i'm thanking God every day for giving me this passion and praying that it He continues to bless me with opportunities like this. 

for all the photos visit : my photography website
my photography facebook page {and maybe like it while you're there?} shameless plug.

and tomorrow is valentines day! 
i've been doing a 14 days of valentines for the hubs, which is SO out of my creative box and i'm proud of myself for only missing two days. 
i'll be sure to post some pics from that soon!

{no i didn't make that, but it's a cute idea}

and then this weekend!
i have a bridal shower for a very dear friend and then i'm meeting up with kerrie! i'm seriously so excited! she's in florida because her sweet nephew was just born and she's here helping out. we both have the craziest of schedules so i'm thrilled we have a chance to meet up! 
horray for blog friends becoming real life friends!

happy wednesday! thanks for listening to me ramble. 

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Annie said...

Happy birthday, Melinda! Chelsea looks gorgeous and those photos you took are just beautiful! I'm jealous you get to see Kerrie. I miss her! Tell her I said hello!

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