Monday, February 11, 2013

a revelation.

i am by definition a worrier.
it's something God is seriously trying to work on with me, and i'm a really slow learner.

i think,
i think though, that i'm starting to gain some progress.

here's the deal.
i'm impatient. always have been. my mother can back this claim up for sure.
i want things now, not later. i never see the point in having to wait for something.

the other day i started reading ephesians again {my most favorite book in the bible} and just in the first chapter God spoke to me.

"i keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
the glorious Father, 
may give you the Spirit of 
wisdom and revelation 
so that you may know Him better."
ephesians 1:17

a. an act of revealing or communicating divine truth
b. something that is revealed by God to humans

and so it came to me.

i'm so busy praying about God doing a work in my future, that i'm forgetting about the here and now. sure it's fun to plan things out, the ocd organizer in me is all about planning, but then we forget about what we're supposed to be doing right now.

i've been focusing on the future and forgetting about the present.

which is far more important, don't you think?

i stopped and almost cried. what if i had missed some huge opportunity from the Lord, because i was still praying about my future career?

God clearly spoke to me that very day about my future, and put me at ease.
isn't it lovely when He does that?

but it made me realize, if i'm not doing His work right now, then where's the hope for my future?
if i'm not making the most of the job i have right now, then why would He give me a bigger opportunity?

right now. i serve tables. i loose my patience, get grumpy at old people, spill hot soup on me, complain about bad tips, and hate the fact that my hair is always in a pony tail.

i realized the other day, that until i turn all those from negative things to positive things, i don't think He's going to take me out of mimi's.

it's a learning process. 
i've got to realize {daily} that patience really is a virtue, that some people are just unhappy and i need to make them smile, that at least i'm getting a tip, and maybe i should just chop my hair off so i don't have to put it up every day.

and lets be honest, i've got nothing for the hot soup one. 

do you see where i'm going with this?

our current circumstances are making a way for our future.
He's got me right where He wants me.
serving tables.
because it will prepare me for what He has next for me.

i'm thankful for this little revelation of mine because it's made a tiny difference in me. yes, tiny, because i'm just getting going.
i'm not perfect.

if you're like me and always wondering when you'll get that big break.
be patient.

it's coming.

happy monday!

all my love,


Katie Cook said...

Meg, I love love love this! You are such a beautiful writer! Isn't it true how God prepares us for our future. The Lord just opened up an opportunity for Kevin and I to move to Nepal to work with women rescued from sex-slavery, and it's been crazy how the Lord has been preparing Kevin and I through ordinary jobs here in the US. Really puts things into perspective that God knows what He is doing! Thanks for sharing girl!!

Chelsea said...

a to the men.

focusing on the right now can be so hard... but He doesn't just want to use us in the future- He wants to use us now! He wants to teach us now. Even when we're not where we think we should be and we're ready to get going.

do you work at mimi's cafe?

Kiki said...

Wow, you write beautifully! Seriously, this is such an amazing post--especially for a fellow worrier/planner girl like me. Thank you for writing about this revelation! I've never really thought much about the definition of revelation, and now that I have (at least a little bit) I love it.

And Ephesians. Such a good book. :)

Love your blog and hope you don't mind me reading more of your posts!

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