Monday, February 18, 2013

whatcha waitin for?

there really is no time like the present. life isn't stopping so we can catch up, so really, honestly, what are we waiting for?

i've got a list of "to-do's" that are piling up. 
small things like, take clothes to a donation center. clean the floors. de-clutter this office. 

and then big things. 
like book another wedding. start saving more. take advantage of what God's given me and where He's placed me right now. plan more, and stick to the plan. 

i think sometimes i have these grandiose ideas about things to do, and then before i know it, i've let the idea sit on a piece of paper and never move. 
there's hardly any actions behind my ideas. 

i think part of it, is because i'm nervous. 
what if i'm not that good at photography?
when will i hit the lottery and not have to worry about saving money {jk jk. but really}?
when will i get a "real" job and stop serving people sweet tea?

big question.

all of which God has answered already. 

so i've just got to get going.

i'm not waiting for anything. i'm just waiting. anyone else like that? 
yes. God is a God who provides. but no where in the bible does it tell us that we're supposed to sit back and just wait for God to give us things. we've got to get going too!

i might start smaller. 
like, start this savings plan.
and have one photo shoot a week. 
de-clutter one room a week {which in turns gets us ready for our up coming move}.

and just stick with those three. 
i don't think we're supposed to create these giant to-do lists because then we're setting ourselves up for failure. starting small and building my way up. 

so. if you're like me. 
the answer to the question: what are you waiting for?

i'm not waiting, i just need to get going. 

happy monday loves, and get going!

all my love, 

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Katie Cook said...

sooo good:) thanks for inspiring me sweet girl! love Katie

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