Friday, January 18, 2013

tunes for your weekend.

i've always had a love for music {who doesn't though?}, but i've never really been good at it.

i played the trumpet in high school. nerd alert. 

i can't carry a tune. my sisters and mom have voices like angels, but me...well me and my dad sing and Jesus loves it. 

music, in a way, well for me anyways, has played such a huge role in my life. i can't think of time of my life where i can't pair up a taylor swift song. there. i said it. 

but seriously. i love music, any and all. the kind i can dance around to in my room, blare through my car speakers, memorize the beats and pretend my steering wheel is a drum set. any and all. 
except rap. ok maybe i know the words to a couple songs. it happens. 

here's what i'm currently playing on repeat. 
and warning: we're about to jump from on genre to the next. that's just what i do. 

happy weekend!

{jj heller- boat song}
she's so cute. and writes the cutest songs about love. and i love them.

{of monsters and men- little talks}
i am obsessed with this band right now. 

{hillsong- came to my rescue} 

{mumford & sons- babel}
they just make me so happy when i play their music. 

{luke bryan- rain is a good thing}
i told you i listen to everything. and it just so happens i'll be
seeing this cutie next weekend!


Holly said...

I LOVE MUSIC. I can't live without it. Thanks for some new tunes!

Michelle said...

Of Monsters and Men!!! LOVE them :)

Jennifer Rod said...

I love JJ Heller too :)

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