Thursday, January 24, 2013

two years.

there are some things in this life that i won't ever understand. 

like people who don't like chocolate {no offense to anyone reading this that may be part of that group, but i just don't understand}. 
and how people live up north where it snows, when they could live in the south with the sunshine. 
or how math problems work. seriously. 

one thing i do understand though, is that God...the God who created the universe...totally knew what He was doing when he made sonny and i. 

two people, He hand crafted, to be together. to laugh, and to cry together. to get married and have babies, to grow old with together. 
He did this far before either of us were born. 

this past tuesday sonny and i celebrated two years of bliss. 
ok, maybe there have been times when we've had to duke it out. i've really been thinking about getting boxing gloves. jk. but it would be cool. 
we've fought. and he's driven me absolutely bananas by not putting his clothes in the basket. i've driven him crazy by constantly reminding him of this. 

we've laughed so hard tears have fallen from our face because of something stupid the other one did. 

we've created nicknames for each other. like boo boo. 

we've tried new things together and hated them. 

we've traveled together.

we've cheered each other on as we follow our dreams. 

most importantly though, we started this life that God designed for us. and we're loving every minute of it. i'm thankful for the ups and the downs that we've had. because a perfect marriage where you don't yell would be creepy. i'm thankful that God, when He was placing the stars in the sky, knew sonny and i would one day say "i do".

two years down. forever to go. 

{we went to st. augustine to coming soon}

all my love,


Annie said...

look my friend. not all of us had parents who moved to florida, mkay?

you and sonny look adorable. happy two years of wedded bliss to you both!

Jennifer said...

Aww. How sweet and awesome! And girl! I'm loving your hair/bangs in the last picture!! :)

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