Friday, September 28, 2012

make sure to sparkle {beautiful you}

*it's friday. and i'm late. but it's cool. we'll start on fridays :]*

i'm wondering what would happen if i walked out in the streets today and started to take a survey of what people thought beauty was.
i think we can all agree, that for the most part, men and women would have a different idea of what that word means.

by definition, beautiful (beauty)means:
1. having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, and think
2. excellent of it's kind
3. wonderful; very pleasing

it's so sad to me, that we live in a society where women's beauty is dictated by what they're wearing. if their clothes are "in style" or not. if they've got this whole "trendy" look down.

i have to wonder when that came about.
of course, 100's of years ago there were women who tended to be the higher up in societies, women who were looked up to and honored.

but when did we become a society that is obsessed with the way we look?

and does it really matter?

i'm hoping we can all nod our heads in agreement that it doesn't. it really doesn't matter what clothes we were, where we shop, or how great our hair looks.

jesus told us that we will be recognized by our fruits {matthew 7:20}, not by what we wear.

years from now, i don't want to be known as the girl who had the great wardrobe, but the girl who had a heart for jesus, that showed so bright it was hard to look away. 

maybe we could call it our inner sparkle?

and with that, how much are you sparkling on a day to day basis?

what if, we took all the time we spent on getting ready and focusing on what to wear, and put that towards jesus?

i need to make something clear before we go on though, i'm all for looking beautiful. and yes, i do believe that putting on a pair of high heels will just make you feel better. but what i'm talking about is the time we spend thinking about what is "in style" and how much we put into all that.

have you ever come across those blogs where girls just seem to never have an off day? you know, the ones where their make up is perfect and their clothes are totally put together?

does anyone else feel a little crappy when they see that?

{my hand is straight up}

the truth is, there's a lot of trying that goes on there. and i'm wondering what would happen if just for once, a picture of them or a vlog of them wasn't totally perfect.
did you see my vlog? i'm still in jammies. i like to keep it real.

i feel like we've been missing what the true meaning of beauty is. 

beauty isn't how you look. in fact it's so far from your outward appearance, it's not even funny.

what makes a woman beautiful is her grace, and her love for others. it's the way she handles herself on a day to day basis. it's the way others see her. it's in the way she pleases god. in the way she "excels" in bringing the love of christ to people.

does she extend her hand to those in need?
daily give praises to god for existence?
never focuses so much on the clothes she wears that she forgets that they too are a blessing.

beauty is fearing the lord. {proverbs 31:30}
beauty is doing everything in the name of jesus. {colossians 3:17}
beauty is realizing that one day, this body of yours won't look the same, but your heart will. {2 corinthians 4:16}

you were created by the god who created the universe. he carefully hand crafted you to LOOK the exact way that you do. everything from your eye lashes to your toes. it was all done on purpose. he made the dimples that may drive you crazy. those big hips you've got, yea those are perfect too (ok maybe i just needed to say that one out loud for myself), those big feet, well maybe those are to walk further for his name.

what ever you think your insecurities are about your appearance, i can promise you that god created them just the way he wanted them.

cause let's be real. we can't all look like malibu seriously we can't. have you really looked at her? you'd fall over because your feet are too small and your boobs are too big. next time you're in walmart you'll laugh.

god has made us so beautiful in his eyes.
and that's really all that matters.

that sparkle we've got. let's try and boost it up shall we? let's try and not shy away this week when people give us compliments about the way we look.

because we are perfect. 

and while we're on the topic, let's not shy away from that either! you are perfect. every part of you.

i'm perfect because i have love handles. i'm perfect because i have black heads. i'm perfect because i have a weird webbed toe (it's not that bad). i'm perfect because i have wavy hair that never wants to do anything.
i'm perfect because a perfect god created me. 

i was perfectly created with a sparkle inside to shine for jesus.
you were created with a sparkle inside to shine for jesus.

let's shine.

and now it's your turn. 
link up below with a post about beauty. what you think it is, what you think it's not.
there's no right or wrong answer here.

and let's all say it loud and proud today: I AM BEAUTIFUL.

psalm 139:14
i praise you because i am fearfully and wonderfully made. 

all my love, 

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