Thursday, September 27, 2012

the girl behind the blog

morning sweet peas!

here's my vlog.
i went over.
i am still in pjs.
haven't washed my face yet.
and yea.

so enjoy. thanks ashley & erin for this!


all my love, 


Chelsea said...

Did you change your blog design again?? Haha well it's cute :)

Great moms are the best. We are some very blessed ladies.

You definitely are an influence with your youth ministry- students, on average, have seven adults in their lives that they look up to and I'm guessing that's you for a lot of them.

Love you girl! (and your new hair color!)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it awesome to have such a great mother? It is SO easy to forget the platform we have as bloggers and the ability to speak into the lives of people. And good for you with the youth group. Keep up the good work girl!

p.s. there are some scholarships still available for Influence if finances are your only hindrance. We want to make sure money isn't the thing keeping people away

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