Monday, October 1, 2012

31 days of scripture

happy october!

last year, i was tired after this 31 days thing.
every day, for 31 days.

and heaven forbid i missed a day.
i felt like i was letting someone down.

i wasn't planning on doing the 31 days of blogging again, but something just felt right this morning when i thought about doing 31 days of scripture.

simple enough i think.

i'm not putting to much pressure on myself though, because if i miss a day, i miss a day. but, considering that being a "writer" is something i call myself, this shouldn't be hard.

it should be fun.

so here we go, 31 days of scripture.

day 1: 

psalm 119: 9-10
how can those who are young keep their way pure?
by living according to your word. 
i seek you with all my heart;
do not let me stray from your commands. 

i think we try and complicate things too much as christ followers. and often times come up with excuses for they way we act. but the simple truth is that if the word of god speaks on it, there should be no confusion.
god didn't set us up to fail, he set us up to succeed greater than we could ever imagine.

all my love, 


Debbie said...

We are doing similiar topics...mine is 31 Days of God's Word for my kids. I will be interested in seeing what you have to say this month.

Holly said...

This is such a great idea. I can't wait to see what other scriptures you post!!! :)

Chelsea said...

I had a sunday school teacher who taught us that verse in a song and I still sing it when I real that verse. excited to see how God speaks through His word this month!

Nicole said...

I am really glad that you are doing this. :) What an encouragement you will be!!

Annie said...

i love this, Meg! i loved last year when you went through Proverbs. i'm excited to see what you have to share this month!

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