Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the girl behind the blog

so this whole vlog thing...a blast if you ask me. 
i put no thought into this and just did it.
which i think i make work?

i'm tired. it's been a long week. 
and the style question is my favorite. 

enjoy friends!
and thanks so much to ashley and nicole for hosting!

{ronald reagan is the man}



Shannon said...

OMG. Best GBTB video EVERRRRRR!!!!

I found you from the link up (obviously)...You are crazy! I am assuming you mean UCF (Central FL), in which case, HOLLA! I'm from JAcksonville and went to FSU!

(If it's another UCF..then ignore the last statement)


Lindsay said...

This was too cute! I agree with the 20% tipping!

Jessica @ Freckles & Dirt said...

Adorable and hilarious! We have the t-shirt/sweatpant and reality TV things in common :).

Erin said...

you are the cutest and funniest :) i love this vlog and i love you!!!

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

girl your blog name has me humming taylor swift's fairytale. ha cute vlog! SO EXCITED to follow you xo

Tiffany Miller said...

Okay first, I loved the vlog! It made you a "Real" person and not just someone who writes blogs. Good job!

Second, UCF? Thats awesome. Im just a couple hours south of you near West Palm..when are we gonna have a FL bloggers meet-up? Im finding out almost everyday a blogger I follow lives in FL. So fun!

Third, I always enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for keeping it interesting!

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Megan said...

You are hilarious! Awesome name...yay for Megans!

congrats on graduating in is the best feeling in the world!

just so you know, if you were my server...I would give you are great tip. I am good seriously bothers me with people are tight wads (about tipping) especially when the service is great!

yay for the same guilty judgement at all. i love the bachelorette. team sean all the way.

thanks for sharing and happy thursday!

Samantha Shepherd said...

You are too stinkin' funny! Your vlog made me laugh out loud. :)

Diana Amy said...

You are so flippin funny girl! I graduated in 2009 and God JUST told me what to do with my life. Don't sweat it, lots of time for trial & error!

Chelsea said...

You are too cute, girl! I was crackin up the whole time!

LOVE your style :)

Annie said...


what are you doing when you graduate?

i had to laugh at the fact that it took you almost two full minutes to get to the questions.

"look: whee." oh, you make me laugh.

i went to applebees and i tipped 20% AND THAT IS WHY WE'RE BEST FRIENDS.

your hair looks blonder than normal. is it the lighting or did you dye it?

basically i love you. you know this, right? i can't wait to meet you. i'm glad we both filmed our vlogs post-work and spaztastically.

i'm not glad about the appearance of that buckeye finger. put that mess AWAY.

Jennifer said...

you're a crazy mess and I love it.

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