Tuesday, June 26, 2012


this little girl turns two on friday and i seriously can't believe it.

my week has been crazy because i started my other three summer classes. so i'm drowning in reading.
also, who gives midterms with a six week class?! lameo.

anyways, because my brain is mush right now i figured i post this video i took today of her.

i should note that i can not WAIT for september first to get here!
college football starts!

more importantly...the Buckeyes will begin an undefended season (that's right michigan fans)! but of course no bowl games for us.
stupid kids. 

so to get you all excited for the big season! here's reagan!
you can never start them too young.

as always: 
go Buckeyes! beat michigan!


Tiffany said...

LET'S GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya girl :)

Erin said...

midterms with a 6 week class?!?! whaaat? not cool.

i can't wait for football to start either!! :)

and this little one?!?! TOO CUTE FOR WORDS.

love ya twinsie.

Brittany said...

OMG she is the cutest!!

Midterms-yuck!! When our summer classes were on the quarter system, we had 5-week classes and they had midterms!! Ahhh it was awful.

Go Bucks xoxo

Annie said...

aha! we all know by michigan fans you mean me and tiffany. go BLUE!

Reagan is adorable. happy second birthday to her!

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