Monday, December 19, 2011

way to go kid!

lately i've been thinking a lot about college and graduating, and then the big question of: then what?

because it's true.

a lot of us will go through 4 (or five...or more) years of college and then when it's over have a degree but somehow still end up working at a resturant to make the rent on time.

so whats the point?

i'm reading having a mary heart in a martha world and came across this quote the other day:

"the kingdom of God you see, is a paradox. while the world applauds achievement, God desires companionship. the world clamors, "do more! be all that you can be!" but our Father whispers, "be still and know that I am God."

as i read that i couldn't help but think of every young person in college. and all the stress they put themselves through just to get...well, just to get a piece of paper.

i should insert here, before i loose 100 readers: going to college is really important to me. but, i come from parents, and have a hubby who never finshed college and they all seem to be doing just fine in life.

i feel like i skim by when it comes to school. i'm in no way shape or form an A student, this semester i made it out with 3 Bs and 2 Cs...and i'm super pumped over that.

yep. pumped up over being average.

because last time i checked, and yes i'm totally pulling this card...Jesus doesn't care what grades i get.

i think way too many times we, as Christ followers tend to get held down by what the world expects of us. and we loose sight of what He expects of us.

yes, is doing well in life something God wants us to do...without a doubt.

but is killing yourself for four (or more years) worth it in the end? sure maybe if you're going on to be a heart surgen i'd really recommend you burry your head in the books...but seriously, so what if you get a C on your report card.

does it make me any less of a christian?

on the other hand, i tend to take the really easy way out of things too often. yes, C is average, but i know i can do better.

so where do i meet in the middle?

where do you find the happy medium?

i'm not sure.

i think realzing that there's more to life than just the degree you'll get is a good start. and for those of you who don't have one, it's realizing that it's not the end of the world.

i think stress is so ugly.
but i think the world thinks it's flattering.

the promise that God gives us about peace is one i have to realize daily.
yes, Gods the most proud of us when we do well...but He's also never mad when we bomb a final.

so here's my question: are we running ourselves ragged for God like we are to getting that degree?
are we daily worrying about God and how much time we've spent with Him like we do over whether we studied enough for a test?
are we loosing sleep over God like we are school?

yes. are there some degrees that require more than others? of course. but there's still some time to be spent with God.

there's a myth out there that says you have to go to college to be a successful person.
but as a Christ follower, my success won't ever be in my job title, or the numbers on a pay check.

it's in my salvation.

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Sydney said...

girl. this is like my new favorite post ever. having been an A student for my whole life, I remember times when I would cry and beg God for an A when I wasn't sure if i had an 89 or 90 because it was that important to me. and then I would get the A and I'd be so excited. but grades shouldn't define me {or anyone else} like that. Jesus should. thanks for the reality check! :)

Lib at Truly His said...

So needed this!! Just finishing school and believing God!

Lauren Elizabeth said...


a girl with a smile said...

great thoughts. I agree completely, so much so, I want to pick up this book.

Bethany Joy said...

I just started following your blog and I have enjoyed reading your stuff. we have a lot in common and it's funny, your post seems to hit home where I'm at in life right now. May is so close but it's easy to lose sight of what God has right in front of us.

Annie said...

you know it's funny - when you mentioned what your grades were i realized that mine were posted yesterday. i think we can all see how much i care about school that i haven't checked them yet, haha.

you know, honestly, i wasn't sure, coming out of high school, that college was the next step. sometimes i still wonder if it was or not. i remember saying to my mom that i felt like it was all a waste, because i wanted to be somewhere doing something that actually meant something. and she was like, "well, this is where you're meant to be right now; you never know how God is using this to prepare you for something." and i realize she's right, but i also wonder if she was biased, a little, because once my brother and i graduate she and my dad will have the only family of complete college grads on my dad's side.

and i realize, too, that i don't want to get out of college because i want the degree - i want to be done with college because i hate school.

not to say that all of that is a Christlike perspective, but maybe just to say that, in a very strange way, i've never been sure college is all we and our parents and their generation have made it to be.

TefMarie said...

Word. On all that. However, this argument doesn't work well with my mom when I argued about average grades, but it gave me peace knowing I did it, and didn't care if it was with A's. I say pretty average is pretty good.

Thanks for being so honest and open. It looks like alot of us can relate.

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