Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a very {busy} christmas

this christmas came and went far too quickly. it all felt so rushed, going from store to store, family to family. i guess that's growing up though. 

but the time we did spend with family was amazing. there's nothing like watching a 1 year old open up presents...or not...reagan was a bit grumpy christmas morning, we had to help her open hers. but christmas eve was, as usual, perfect. there's something about tradition that just makes me happy. all the pictures of decorations were from my moms house. amazing i know. it's like looking in a magazine. 

i hope you all had a blessed and happy christmas!

{oh christmas tree!}

{this ones my fav with the lights in the back}

{my family :)}

{aren't my parents cute?!}


{the men of the fam}

{and the stockings were hung}

{reagan figured out how to take a picture on aunt meggys camera}

{she's weird}


{i get two Christmas's ;)}

{christmas dog}

{this is her: the browns lost face}

{steve in the kitchen= trouble}

{christmas in florida}

all my love,

1 comment:

Sydney said...

your mom's christmas decorations are like BEYOND gorgeous. I want her mad decorating skills! you're so pretty and so are you sisters and you're niece. :)Christmas is THE BEST!! <3 you.

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