Thursday, December 8, 2011

my life.

finals are here. which is amazing. the semester is coming to an end, thank You Jesus.

so i've been pretty busy this week with picking up extra shifts and studying. i thought i'd fill you in on my last couple of days. or maybe the last week.

fist off. i found this picture which i literally sat laughing at for five minutes. so hard that i was crying. by myself.

{seriously though. it's hysterical} 

second. i got to finally meet a very new sweet friend. i am so beyond blessed to have her in my life. yes...we met on the internet. but it felt like we'd had been friends for years. pretty cool how awesome God is sometimes.

{shes pretty much amazing}

third. i spent last saturday morning with the cutest child in the world. there are no words, just watch this:

oh. and she's learned to say 'cheeeessssseee' when someone takes her picture.

fourth. i finally found stockings! at wally world thank you very much. i went through a lot of trouble to get them too. they were on display and after going through three people i finally got them. there was some mass confusion about if they were for sale or not. 

fifth. i finally figured out how to get my hair to curl like i've always wanted it too. 

sixth. i went to the play house with my mommy on sunday and we saw the wizard of oz. i watched as a kid a million times...for real though, so it meant a lot that we got to go do that, even as an 'adult' i still cried. 

{isn't my mommy beautiful!?}

i think i've wasted enough time. i have to get to studying. 
happy thursday loves! how's your week been??

all my love,


a girl with a smile said...


English translation:

I'm still laughing at Scruffly! So funny, I laughed in spanish first.

Purposely at Home said...

yay! love this post! i LOVE your hair and the video is TOO CUTE!!!!

Delaney said...

Your so cute! I love the hair :) So glad finals are coming and you can relax a little. It is so weird but I almost get sad around finals because I love school so much and I wonder what I will do with my extra time. It usually means I work a little more, which is good for my wallet!

Gennean said...

Haha, I love this post (and you)! How int he world did you get such perfect curls?! :]

tiny dancer said...

bwahahah! Love that dog photo - its too hilarious. I've been so busy this week its fun to relax and chill and laugh at silly photos :) Hope you're having a great weekend too :)


Annie said...

Reagan is so cute! Also - how did you get your hair to curl like that? It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

How did you get your hair to look like that?!? It's beautiful! I always have trouble getting mine to look right when I curl it. I either get Shirley Temple looking curls, or flat ones. :o(

Mary is such a sweetheart!!! How exciting to meet a blog friend in real life!!

Faith said...

That picture... I love finding things that make me laugh hysterically by myself. :) Congrats on the curls, too! I am no expert with a curling iron.

The Sauls said...

New follower. Love your hair curly! Gorgeous.

TefMarie said...

A couple of things:

I finally got wavy hair after I bought a hair-dryer with a beach-wave curler to which everyone mocked because it looked like a bong, until it made my hair wavy minus the frizz. How did you do yours? It's precious.


Yay for internet friends. Ain't no shame in that game as long as they're good people. I love that.

Last, I won't judge that you got those from Wally World cuz they are cute. Way to go!

Can we also talk about how my word verification below is the word "fitch." I keep singing the LFO song..."I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch" while writing this comment.


Lauren said...

hahahahahaha i am dying over that dog.
also, i love your hair! your curls are so perfect.

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