Friday, December 2, 2011

dear santa

as stated before, i love christmas. i love everything about it.
the family, the presents, the food, the cute outfits, the jingle bells, the smiles on christmas morning, and the hot chocolate.

and all of those things are really wonderful, but if it wasn't for One man, none of this would exist.

lately i've had celebrate the day by relient k on repeat.

"and the first time that You opened Your eyes,
did You realize that You would
be my Savior?
and the first breath that left Your lips,
did You know that it would

the bible doesn't really give us a lot about Jesus as a kid. but this song really got me thinking.
of course we all know that Mary, Joesph, and all that were in that barn that night knew what exactly was going on...but did Jesus know?

have you ever seen one of those super hero movies on the disney channel where the mom and dad sit the kid down and tell him that he's "special", that he can do things the other kids cant.

i wonder if Mary and Joseph did that with Jesus.

"Jesus we need to tell You that one day You'll walk on water"

"kid, one day You'll rise a man from the dead"

"Son, one day You'll feed thousands from a single loaf of bread and one fish"

"sweetie we need to tell You that one day You'll die on a cross for the sins of man"

the first time He let out that new born cry, did the King of Kings know what He'd go on to do?
was He aware, while laying in that manger, that He was born to die for the sins of all?

as a tiny little baby with cute chubby legs...did He realize that He'd save me?

as the year winds down, i'm realizing that i haven't been as thankful to God as i should have been. i've had one heck of a year, and yes, i said thank You, but did i say it enough?

did i say thank You enough for the One who saved me?
did i say thank You enough for the unending blessings?

so before the year ends, i'm starting a whole new attitude of thankfulness.

because, if it wasn't for Jesus there would be no reason to celebrate the season. sure there might still be some lights, but could you imagine not going to church to sing silent night holding a candle in the air? i'm thankful for this season. i'm thankful for the real reason for this season.

i think if i could get one thing for christmas this year, it would be for the whole world to know why their celebrating christmas.

take back the gift, the cards, the tree full of lights.

just let them open their eyes.

i think as a christian we tend to forget why we wear those blinking pins that say "Jesus is the reason for the Season". sure we put it on and know that it's the birth of our Lord...but we forget that it's so much more.

it's the celebration of our Salvation. it's the celebration of a Man who died on a Cross so that we could be free, so that we could end up in Heaven with Him.

it' hurts my heart to think about the people who will be celebrating this christmas season without knowing the real reason. it's hurts to think that some just open presents and that's it.

so santa, if you're listening...all i want for christmas is for people to know Jesus.
i want them to know of the love they don't have in their life. make sure they know that their life will be so much better with Him. but make sure you tell them that it's not like it will be so much better because they might get a new car, it's so much better because that empty feeling they have in their heart will be filled. tell them that it's an easy decision, one that only takes a moment but lasts for eternity. could you do that for me?


a girl with a smile said...

I agree! I was a little upset that when Christmas comes around, we make ourselves the reason for the season instead of it being Jesus. We splurge on ourselves but not on others who have much less than we do. Jesus came to give us what we couldn't have on our own: salvation.

Christina said...

That is one of my favorite Christmas songs! love Relient K.

Erin said...

what a lovely and sweet blog you have, girl! i just found you and i'm your newest follower :)
thank you for your perspective on this post, such a true reminder to focus on JESUS who is the reason for this season.

{come visit me!}

Chelsea said...

Randomly stumbled upon your blog and I'm SO glad I did! I love it. Can't wait to read more :)

Lauren Nicole said...

I love you beautiful megs.

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