Monday, October 10, 2011

day 8 {heaven}

Ephesians 4:8-9
That is why the Scriptures say "When He ascended to the heights, He led a crowd of captives and gave gifts to His people".
Notice that it says He "ascended".
This clearly means that Christ also descended to our lowly world.

He first had to come here, before returning home.

He first had to come here, save us, and then return home.

He first had to come here, in His total perfectness, experience our lowly world, and then return home.

and He did it all for you and i.

i can't seem to get over the 'descended to our lowly world'.

have you ever thought about heaven?
what it might be like?
what it might look like?
who might be there?

i like to tell people i think heaven is going to be like a retirement home in south florida.
there's a pool and the sun is always shining and there's always time to relax and be with God. there isn't any busyness of life to get in the way, just us wondering around praising God day in and day out.

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it's perfect.

and have you ever thought about the fact that Christ came down from that perfect place, to live on this earth, to die for our sins?

i'm not sure about you, but i'd be a little uneasy going from fruity drinks with umbrellas down to a place i couldn't walk 5 feet without being ridiculed.

but that's why Jesus is my Savior.

it's tough to comprehend how much He loves us at times.

the bible tells us multiple times how beautiful heaven is going to be. how it's just radiating with the Lord and all His glory...why would you want to leave that?

because of love.

challenge: think about heaven, and then think about the sacrifice Christ made for you. thank Him.

God we thank You for the perfect place called heaven that we get to go to after this life. and God we praise You for Your Son Jesus, and the ultimate gift He gave. coming down to our earth God, to die for our sins.

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