Monday, October 10, 2011

day 7 {grace}

Ephesians 4:7
But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it (TNIV).

For some reason grace has always been a tough word for me to describe. It's one of my favorite words, but its tough to describe.

Because how do you describe the amazing gift of grace?

How do you describe to someone the love received from God on a day to day basis, love we get even when we don't deserve it?

How do you describe the greatest gift anyone can ever receive?

Grace to me is the love God has for me, that no one else can ever give me, and the same kind of love I could never give away to someone.

Grace is Him loving me even when I mess up. Like when, instead of being a Light for Him, I succumb to the worlds way. It's giving me the forgiveness I don't deserve for the actions I did...the ones I know not to do, but did it anyway just to fit in.

Grace is Him granting me forgiveness, and then blessing me five times more.

And the most amazing part about grace is, just like Paul told us, its given to each and every one of us. He's given us this amazing gift, and along with that, gifts to share with each other.

Maybe it's not that difficult to describe, but more difficult to feel at times.
Sure when I'm having a really great week and things are going really well I'll feel His love and grace. And even when things go back, I have the faith in Him to get me to the other side.

But right now, I'm just struggling with the fact that when I mess up, He loves me just as much.

And that's grace.

I think it's just coming to a point where I'm surrounded by His grace and not understanding it all makes it more beautiful.

challenge: stop and notice His grace.

Father we know that You saved us by Your indescribable grace. Grace that you give us daily to get by. I thank you for this grace and praise You for being the amazing Father You are. Continue to shower us with Your love, that we don't always deserve, but welcome anyways.

I hope you had a great weekend! the wedding was beautiful.
we'll chat soon ;)

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