Tuesday, October 11, 2011

day 9 {fill the entire universe}

Ephesians 4:10
And the same one who descended is the one who ascended higher than all the heavens, so that
He might fill the entire universe with Himself.

if you don't know...there are a lot of religions in this world. if you google it real quick, they say there are 20 main religions, and then you can get into all the crazy ones with spaghetti monsters.

want to know what makes Christianity so different though...our Saviors tomb is empty.

this link is just to wikipedia, but it's interesting that all the other religions say that "this is where" so and so was buried. but Christianity says "it's possible", meaning there isn't any body in the tomb of Christ.

He ascended higher than all the heavens.

we follow a God that couldn't be held down by death.

we follow a God that didn't want us to have a place to go to 'mourn' the death of Christ. we follow a God that raised His Son from the dead.

He filled the entire universe with Himself.

the entire universe.

sometimes i think we focus so much on the Jesus was on the earth and performed all these wonderful miracles and taught people how to live a Godly life, but we forget what happened at the end...after the cruxifiction.

He rose. from the dead. and ascended into heaven.

and His tomb is empty.


and He did it for you. not just me, or any one who calls them self a Christian, He did it for every single person on this earth.

i wonder if Buddha was thinking of me when he was hanging out by the tree?

challenge: think about the risen Christ. the One who ascended into heaven so we could know His glory.

heavely father we thank you for your son Jesus. i pray that we realize that our God is mightier than any other. God remind us that Christ died and rose for each and every one of us, no matter what we've done in the past, with you we have a new life!


i wanted to catch up super quick! this past weekend was just too much fun not to share with you girls!

my best friend since we were two got married! it's insane how time flys. seriously.

{little tikes...kristi is in the black velvet and i'm hiding behind my sister. and that's josie my bff}

{doesn't she look beautiful?!}

the wedding was so amazing. and the weather! i thought for a second we were in florida and not cleveland ohio in october!
here's my weekend in pictures. some from the iphone, some from my little camera, and some from my big. enjoy :)


{winking lizard. a cleveland staple}

{the view from my hotel, go browns!}


{two married girls :)}


{we get our good looks from our mommy :)}


{how cute are they?!}


happy tuesday friends!

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