Thursday, October 13, 2011

day 12 {michael scott}

Ephesians 4:14
Then we will no longer be immature like children. We won’t be tossed and blown about by every wind of new teaching. We will not be influenced with people try to truck us with lies so clever they sound like the truth.

first thing that popped into my head when I read immature: michael scott. any office fans out there?
it’s a good example though, because he is by all definition of the word immature.
if you’ve ever seen the show, you know that not only was (tear) michael the worlds funniest boss, but he literally went which ever way the wind blew, and was not only the most gullible man, but the most easily swayed. he’d have the craziest ideas that he would quickly be talked out of. he’s a big kid.
I can’t believe I’m about to write this but: how much like michael scott are you?
I’m not talking about the funny side (because if you are we need to be bffs cause he cracks me up) but I’m talking about the immature and gullible side.

paul is teaching us here that we need to steadfast and firm in our belief in God and His Son. why? because everyday there are people who are going to try and persuade us to think the opposite. and the worst, usually those people are closer to you than you’d like.
satan will (and does) try to use anyone he can to try and get to you. a couple weeks ago I had a comment on a blog from the “atheist” who was telling me that God didn’t exist and that he felt sorry for me and who ever else read this. he said that believing in God was comical.
and this is where maturity steps in.
we can either get really upset and red in the face at comments like that, or turn to them and tell them that the funny guy named Jesus died for them also.
there are a lot of lies right now about God and Who He is and what He does. and like I’ve said so many other times, it’s mostly different groups of Christians that are spreading these lies. it’s scary but satan is getting into our churches day by day and swaying people to believe the worst of lies about our Savior.
so how do we make sure we aren’t deceived by the evil one?
getting to know God on a real and personal level. taking the time to spend with Him that will enhance your life. it’s making sure that we are solid in our foundation with Christ.

challenge: memorize a couple pieces of scripture that will ground you (john 3:16, ephesians 2:8, john 14:6), so when you have moments of doubt or trouble, you can help yourself.

God we know that this world is full of hate for You, and God we pray that you equip us to be more like Your Son. forgive us when we fall, because we know we will. give us the strength we need. God I pray that we realize this walk with You takes more maturity then we can fathom, but we’re ready for it. I thank You for Your Son Jesus and what He did for us.


Holly said...

This is AWESOME! Seriously, I love this post so much. I love Michael Scott, but I also love God and how you are relating 'everyday' things to Bible scriptures. This is such a great scripture to remind us to be steadfast, like you said. My favorite scriptures to remember are Micah 6:8, Hebrews 11:1, and Jeremiah 29:11...they keep me going when times get hard or when I'm challenged.

TefMarie said...

A couple (or more) things:

1. I love Michael Scott, and he was immature, but you have to give it to him, in the final season his character finally did mature to a degree in which he didn't sway every which way and stood behind what he believed. Like the reference :)

2. I take a Psych of Religion class at school, and surprisingly it is more about the "falsehood of God and religion" more than anything. It's been a very challenging class to take, especially when it seems that people are undermining my beliefs and faith everytime I read an assignment or take notes in lecture. But in my "maturity" I know to take the class, read and validate my beliefs EVERYDAY through God's word, and keep mum on my personal preferences. It's hard, but it's what has to be done to graduate in December.

3. I like this 31 days.

4. Thanks for allowing me to rant :)

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