Friday, October 14, 2011

day 14 {your actions}

*I should first mention that yes…I have skipped two days. BUT, not with the verses. I seemed to have messed up my grouping of a couple verses while I was gone last weekend. so, all the verse will still be here, just back on track with everyone else.*
Ephesians 4: 15
Instead, we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of His body, the church.
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I think actions are a tricky thing.
what if for a week you never mumbled one word, but you were being watch by a group of non-Christians. would your actions lead them to God?
there’s a saying about preaching the gospel, to use words only when necessary.
so again I ask, would your actions lead people to God?
honestly, for me? I think it would be a great thing for me to shut my mouth for a week. I tend to have the sharp tounge syndrome.
but here’s the other thing…I have a routine in life, but it isn’t very giving. I mean, sure I give some spare change and I go to youth on Wednesday night (that post is coming soon) but am I really spreading the love of Christ during my week by just my actions?
can I be really honest here for just one second?
I can’t stand rude people.
and to be even more honest, I tend to run into them at starbucks…yes I just went there.
I love me some starbucks. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day that it’s simply just the convience. but anyways. lately I’ve noticed that if I get there early enough, I catch the grump crowd. the people in a terrible hurry to get to work, or where ever. and with out fail, as I’m walking behind someone with full hands the door comes slamming in my face.
here’s some more honesty for you: I’m a server. it’s called 20% people or don’t go out.
now, with that being said, if your service is terrible that’s a different story.
but we’re told to bless others…even with our tips.
by now you’re most likely wondering where in the world I’m going with this.
if our actions are supposed to speak the love of Christ, start with the small things.
open doors.
leave a great tip.
smile at strangers.
if you see someone drop something, and you’re with in reach, pick it up.
the older lady in the cereal isle reaching for a box…get it for her.
give $5 for the person behind you at starbucks.
if you’re not in a hurry let someone go in line before you.
and mostly, I find that if I just slow down, all of things (and more can happen). it’s sad to think that I’ll convince myself that if I just had a couple more seconds I could have opened the door for them. life is just too rushed.
Jesus didn’t go running from town to town to spread the good news so why should we?
personally I think those shoes He wore couldn’t have been very comfy leading to a slow paced walk.
when we figure out how to really speak the truth with our actions, we’ll really figure out how to be more and more like Christ.
and I don’t know about you girls…but that’s who I want to be more like.
challenge: slow down and do something nice for someone.
God we know that these lives we live are far too busy, and that’s our own faults. but God I pray that You help us to slow down and take the time to be more like Christ, with our actions and not just our words. put opportunities in front of us to help other God, even if it makes us feel awkward or uncomfortable. thank You for Your Son whom we have an example to live by.

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Annie said...

i can't stand rude people. the ones that make the angriest are the ones who lecture even though you're a complete stranger. {and in my case, because i'm younger.} i've had this happen with driving a couple times. i know my driving could use some work, but i don't see that stalking me through the library parking lot until you corner me, mocking me, and then acting like you're really concerned for me is going to help it. {and, yes, i've had that happen. i was furious and cried. and for the record, it was only my second or third time driving by myself!}

and not leaving 20% for servers? i'm not even a server and it makes me angry when people don't do that.

now that i'm done with my lil rant, i do have to say i love this post. i love your reminder that we should start with the small things, because it's the little things that people notice, appreciate, and remember. and i like that you offer some practical suggestions, too!

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