Tuesday, September 27, 2011

an orange daisy

i'm currently procrastinating in studying for a test that i'm not to confident about taking anyways.

so, i'll tell you that i had a really great work out. biggest loser dvd, cardio max. go buy it now and thank me later. i'm not looking to be buff but just makes me feel healthy.

i'm also going to post my picture for day 3: something green.

{i like the green in the middle}

thanks to a great blogging friend i've just discovered The Civil Wars, and i can't stop listening to them.
which is making get back into all the indie music i love. which makes me think of fall and cold weather. so i'm starting to put together a fall play list to share with you!

i hope your tuesday was a bit more eventful with mine! praying for you love bugs!


a girl with a smile said...

Ah, procrastination. I'm also joining you in the dark side, hahaha.
And, oh gosh, the Civil Wars are my favorite duet. Poison & Wine is my guy and I's song. People say its weird but we interpret the song as to being about marriage, a beautiful union is bound to have painful strains too. Seriously, we love it that its ours.

DaisyGirl said...

Oh my! That is a beautiful picture! It looks like it's straight out of a magazine!!

Purposely at Home said...

i think blogger must have a magnet. haha! especially when you are studying for a test. ;) I get "side tracked" in blogger all the time when I am supposed to be studying. well, love this psot. the flower...pretty.

Mary said...

Have you ever heard of Avett Brothers?? They're my favorite band. Not really indie but really good.

Holly said...

Love that picture! New music is always a good thing to have :)

Gennean said...

The Civil Wars = bliss!

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