Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31 days, and your opinion!

so by now you've all read about the 31 days of blogging, in which bloggers are taking 31 days to talk about the same topic.

to be honest at first i just brushed it off but commended those who had decided to take part in it.
clearly, i'm too busy to do this everyday.
and of course there was that small detail that i didn't really have anything to blog about for 31 days.

but then this morning on my way to school i started thinking about how much fun it would be. and that if there's one thing i do love, it's a good challenge.

so! this is where you come your wonderful opinions what should i blog about for 31 days? or better yet, is there anything you think i'm particularly good at blogging about? i like to think this blog is a cornucopia of subjects.

i'm not really sure i even have any ideas lined up to be honest, which is why i'm coming to you sweet friends for help!

leave a comment with any suggestions you might have! please! i'm still praying about what would be best, or to do it at all :)

have a wonderful wednesday! half way through the week!!


Mary said...

Your faith and journey of becoming a Christian? Marriage? Being a student and newlywed? I think that you are strong writer in all your posts but maybe choose something that can evolve over the month and reveals a little more about you a day at a time.

This sounds fun... I think I'm talking myself into it too!

a girl with a smile said...

blog about marriage!!! how you were sure to say 'i do' to your man! Tips for a healthy marriage?

Annie said...

31 days of how annie turned you into a wolverine fan. ;]

Sonny Westmoreland said...

31 days about me :) - love you babe!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

i agree with "A Girl With A Smile". blog about marriage, because as a newlywed, there is just so much to cover, things you weren't expecting, advice, etc.
xo TJ

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