Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

hi sweet loves,

all i had to post today was my picture for the photo challenge, but thanks to the beautiful ms mary i've decided to take part in her fun fact friday! i know you're just as excited as i am :)

{day 5 from a high angle}

so without further adieu, my fun facts:

1. i don't wear makeup. in fact, i don't even own eye liner. occasionally i'll throw on some mascara and some eye shadow but that's about it.

2. indie music makes me feel cool, and makes me think of fall. which is why i'm all over it right now.

3. driving a car freaks me out. seriously.

4. i just started volunteering at our churches youth group and i am over the moon about it. watching teen agers raise their hands during worship will send chills up your spin.

5. i have a 'couple wear rule' when it comes to jeans. one time wearing them does not get them a trip to the laundry room.

6. i get jealous really easily.

7. when i was a kid i used to have my mom put on movies so i could act them out, while it was playing. my little sister was always forced to be the odd ball character, because of course i was always dorthy, or belle.

8. i hate long nails. it grosses me out when i can feel my nail past my finger tip. ew. thinking about it gives me the creeps. i often refer to my nails as a 5 year old boys nails (same with toes).

9. i could watch how to loose a guy in 10 days for a week straight.

10. i can not WAIT for fall to be over because that means WINTER and my BIRTHDAY and CHRISTMAS! (sorry i'm a fall hater)

there they are! i know you girls couldn't live any longer with out those ten facts about me. hop over to marys blog i know you'll love it.

have a wonderful weekend!


Mary said...

I love this!!! And I am part of the couple wear jean club too! Mostly because when I wash them and then they don't fit I get sad.

DaisyGirl said...

Your #1 means you are a BEAUTIFUL girl!
I'm kind of with you on #8.
And #9...I probably have! ha!

Have a great weekend!!

Annie said...

no.1 - jealous. i hate makeup but have redness around my nose, so i wear foundation anyway.

no.3 - i'm slowly starting to feel this way, mostly because i feel like i drive all the time.

no. 10 - i'm excited for our birthdays and Christmas too! not so much a fan of the winter, though, haha.

Purposely at Home said...

love it, megan. i definitely learned alot about you just by reaading this post. :) today i posted nine random things about myself... happy saturday!

TefMarie said...

I know deep down you truly love fall, you just can't appreciate it as much as those who don't live in Florida do, perhaps. :)

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