Saturday, October 1, 2011

oh hello october

october is a fun month. this october is going to be great. first off, next weekend sonny and i are headed up to ohio for one of my best friends weddings! we've been friends since we were two years old! i'm so excited about her wedding. second, towards the end of the month is my very best friends birthday. and third, i'm taking part in the 31 days of blogging.

 after a lot of thought about what to blog about, i've decided on: (drum roll please)

ephesians is my most favorite book in the bible, mostly because it holds my life verse (ephesians 2:8), but also because of the way it flows. when i read it i can almost hear paul talking right towards me.
i choose chapter 4, because of the number of verses, but also because paul begs us to live as one with Christ, and to be children of the light. i prayed a lot over this chapter, and felt God place it into my life for a reason.

so will you join me for the next 31 days in reading this chapter?

i'm no scholar so this won't be a theological study. it's going to be a 'how can i apply this to my life' study. i'm praying that i can take these verses and relate them to our lives here in 2011, because regardless of when the bible was written, it will always be relevant to our lives.

some verses will be combined, seeings there are 32 in the chapter.

but most we'll do on their own.

i can't thank you all enough for your inputs on what to write, and although i love love and marriage, i'm not sure if i know it all yet to blog 31 days about it. but God, now that i know.

i'm so excited about this girls, because with Gods Word written on our heart, there aint no stoppin us!

God i pray that over the next 31 days you draw us close to You. let this chapter come alive in our own lives God and let us shine Your light so bright. i'm praying that you'll give me wisdom and the ability to share with these ladies what You want me to share. bless the next 31 days God. amen.

are you participating in the 31 days of bloggin? if yes, share your post!

also, this is my 100th post! how fun!
have a great weekend, go buckeyes :)


Faith said...

Awesome! I'll be reading!

Annie said...

I'm excited to hear your thoughts on this!

Mary said...

I'm excited!!! I'll be reading along with you!

Kylee said...

Such an awesome idea...I'm excited to follow along!
(I added you to my blogger a couple of months ago, but I *think* this is my first, or maybe second, time to comment! So, hi. : ) )

♥ CheChe said...

i love Gods word and I'm actually in Ephesians at my bible study at church and I also just finished it in my personal time. God is so faithful. This book is one HE really wants to dive into with me and I am so blessed by it.

Also your reference to PSALM 119:11 struck a chord because that is MY life verse :).

I want to participate in this soooo bad. I think I am going to join you!

thanks for the encouragement :)


TefMarie said...

31 days of God's Word beats my 31 days of fall! I love Ephesians too so I'm excited to see how these verses come to life each day!

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